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Recently Few of Our Visitors Demanded about Freebies and Free samples as they like Free stuff from the Different Companies and they love to play contests to win Amazing gift Vouchers.As we are not a Freebie site I have Seached over the Internet and Found Few suitable sites For U.S.A,Australia,New zealand,United Kingdom and Many more other Countries.Check out the About page of and Enjoy Free samples and other Freebies on Site.Free Samples,Free Deals,Free Offers,Free Contests,Freebies,World wide Offers and Free Products.Are You Tired of Googling These things.Because Google Never show the desired Results for your queries.
All the contests You get to know are Expired.All the Offers in which you may enter are not known to you.Sometime You know about a Free Scheme and Deal but you Don’t Know how to get it or From where to get it.All the requirements to Participate in a contest,all the information about different offers From Different Brands,

How to Enter in a Contest,From where you can get a Free sample,all Other World Wide Offers and Free product schemes All these things at One place is Like the treasure of leisure.

So Here Comes a Big Sites List Dedicated To all these FREE things.

Websites For Free Samples Contests Freebies and Best Deals:

About ShopFree

1. What is ShopFree

ShopFree is a website that features hundreds of free offers, free trials and promotions, all from reputable companies.It is our goal here to help you find all the best free offers, competitions and promotions in one place. All offers are 100% Free and don’t require any purchase. Don’t worry we don’t sell our database and you won’t receive junk mail.

2. Is my information safe from spammers?

YES! We will only list offers from good companies who respect your privacy. We also use the most advanced technology to keep your personal information, secure from unauthorised use.
We ensure that opting in for communication from a company is clearly stated. We hate spam as much as you do. Feel free to let us know if you ever think an offer is not what it seems.

3. What kinds of offers will I find in ShopFree ?

You’ll always find a wide variety of offers in ShopFree ! Among them are included free information and samples risk-free trial issues of publications, newsletters, guides free and trial downloads
links to related offers on the Web

4. How Do I Join ShopFree?

Simply place an order for any of our offers and you will be joining ShopFree. At the time of placing your first order, you can opt to receive our Club ShopFree Newsletter. If you don’t want to order anything now, simply enter you email ointhe box on the right of this page and you can join ShopFree.

5. How do I order an item in ShopFree ?

Ordering an item in ShopFree is easy! Just select “Order Now!” and either register with the site (for first time users) or just check your details are correct. ShopFree will automatically submit this information to the advertiser for processing. (ShopFree typically acts as the medium between you and the advertiser and does not usually distribute the offer.)

Most offers are shipped via regular mail and delivered within the time period stated on the offer page.

6. How is my order information used?
For orders placed in ShopFree , your information is sent to the company whose product you ordered for delivery purposes. If you choose, we save your information for your next visit to ShopFree , so you won’t have to enter the same information again. We also store your order information in our database for future reference. Click here for details about ShopFree ‘s Privacy and Information Practices. Once you leave ShopFree and order from a third party site, ShopFree claims no responsibility for your order information.

7. Do I need a credit card to order items in ShopFree ?

ALL offers in ShopFree are completely FREE.
If the offer says it is 100% FREE, then you have our assurance that it is.

8. Who is behind ShopFree?

This site is owned and operated by ShopFree Australia Pty Ltd. To see the people behind ShopFree, click here.ShopFree’s partners include discount voucher & coupon specialist, Shop-A-Docket.
Few Othere Sites For Freebies:

About Shop A Docket – Australia’s Leading Coupons®
Shop A Docket® ( is an initiative of Shop A Docket Pty Ltd (the industry leader in docket based advertising).
Here you can find great coupons and vouchers for hundreds of restaurants,pizza discounts, movies and much much more.
We operate in all areas of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,Adelaide, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Perth and Hobart. For more information about Shop A Docket, or any feed back you would like to pass on about the site or offers you would like to see, please contact us by clicking here.

This website has been built in partnership with ShopFree, Australia’s leading place to find freebies, free stuff and competitions.
About Mr. Free Stuff – A Powerful Protector of All Stuff Free
Many are quick to say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” but Mr. Free Stuff begs to differ.

Mr. Free Stuff is a super-powered source for free services and complimentary goods. New deals are available every day at the Mr. Free Stuff website, a comprehensive selection of the finest freebies online. Each deal is handpicked to guarantee quality, variety and lucrative rewards. His keen senses thwart diabolical fake schemes meant to waste your time or gather unnecessary information.

You’ll never pay a cent for featured freebies or to browse the website. His collection of inclusive categories ranges from restaurant freebies to to free samples of cleaning supplies, each with a variety of products from dozens of brands. Shoppers in search of convenience can register for e-mail alerts to be notified of the freshest new offers. There’s no need to rely on search engines or multiple sites and Mr. Free Stuff will never bombard you with unwanted emails.Mr. Free Stuff is not alone in his crusade against overspending. As a founding member of The Frugals, a family of money-saving superheroes, he’s dedicated to innovation and draws inspiration from his trusted counterparts. Coupon Sherpa is home to thousands of online coupon codes, as well as the first mobile coupon app for iPhone. Gift Card Granny is a comparison marketplace for discount gift cards, where thousands of cards from several online resellers can be found for up to 50% off face value. Of course, both services are completely free.Mr. Free Stuff believes the best way to protect your wallet is by spending no money at all. He vows to provide the finest, most comprehensive selection of free stuff on the Internet. The Internet needed a hero and Mr. Free Stuff delivered.

As seen on A Current Affair and Today Tonight! All of the free products and services listed within this site are available to Australian residents. Many, including the Internet-based freebies, are also

available all over the world.

What you won’t see are those offers restricted to US or Canadian residents only, as most free samples seem to be. This is a site just for you.So what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection of free stuff to find exactly what you want…at no cost!


About Us
Shop4freebies is the web’s premier savings site and is widely regarded as the original ‘real samples’ site on the net.For the past five years Shop4freebies has been dedicated to bringing you genuine free products, samples, coupons & bargains from the nation’s favorite brand names. Over the years, we’ve helped millions of people access totally free products by working with some of America’s largest and most trusted companies.Shop4freebies brought with it an integrity not previously seen within the industry. It introduced a more transparent layout with freebie lists consisting of images and clear, concise text, letting users know exactly
what they are signing up for. Because of this formula there are now literally thousands of websites and blogs trying to imitate the Shop4freebies’ formula.Shop4freebies many innovations include the introduction of the genuine “Daily Free List”, a feature which has become standard across the industry today.

Despite these many attempted imitations, Shop4freebies remains to this day the most popular and respected savings site on the net, with approximately 1.5 million visitors per month and around 2.8 million page views.
Each day a new list of genuine free samples are added to our front page, we also offer extensive coupon listings to help you save every time you shop at your favorite stores, you will never have to pay full retail again.

Started this website way back in 1997. (you can see the original site here)
Am ranked in the top 10 in most search engines.
Average about 350,000 unique page views per month.
Over 100,000 daily newsletter subscribers.
Have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and television spots.
To all of my subscribers and visitors: If it wasnt for you, this site wouldn’t be what it is today. Thank You! James

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