Use of Social Networking Correctly:

User-friendly technology and affordable cost of Smartphone’s in everyone hands has made social networking an important part of their life.

It is a large platform for providing your voice let reach at the higher level through the social networking platform, But mostly its use has been used for debates, speeches, one another performance checking.

It has been used by the people for making useless and senseless discussions and comments.

How to make use of this social networking in this new world (21st Century)?

Now through various main topics i will tell you that how you can make use of this social media in this new world and how can you make your life story inspiration and motivational for others through this open platform?

Know it from the experience of the Blogger & Content Writer Raj Bardhan Singh, who is sharing his experience about the current technology which is being increasing day by day in upcoming days.

  1. A) Social Sites-

It has provided us such a platform where in one place in one place we could know about the different types of start-ups, innovations, new-techniques, ideas and many different other things,

But while using it we have to be so careful about many things, using social sites every time without any specific reason should be stopped, watching the like and comments of your posts, status, images, etc., every few second in the daily routine of your life should be stopped.

Talking and Commenting unnecessary in others posts are also a misuse of the social sites.

We can use social media and social sites only for our beneficial purpose only not more than that.


  1. B) Cyber Crime-

Now days we all are listening and seeing that cyber crime is increasing day by day continuously, this is a misuse and major problem of the social sites or social media.

Beyond this it is becoming a major and vast problem for the peoples of the different families and societies today.

We are seeing day by day a bad news in the newspapers, television or in the internet that peoples are doing suicides and murders due to lots of depression in their mind from the social sites.

Reasons are just normal that these peoples are surfing the internet whole day which is making their mind to take such a step towards their life, it has been seen that when someone told or punish them to not to make over use of this social media or social sites and internet whole day then they take such a bad and wrong steps to overcome from this situation.

These are not the stories of ordinary and normal persons it consists of those peoples who are being well educated and belongs to the reputed families.

Overall it can be said that it has a very dangerous effect if we doesn’t take a serious action towards this.

  1. C) Platform-

For sharing your ideas, thoughts and new innovations social sites and social media is a better platform and technique for everyone

Wherever if we talk about the written words or comments then increasing of cyber crime cases are increasing day by day against the women’s and other disadvantages of the social sites and the social media will cause a major dangerous problem in the upcoming days which every person of  the world has to face it.

Getting use of this could make a problem of war against the every individual civilian’s peoples of each and every world.


As per today i don’t think that there is any person left who doesn’t make the use of the social sites and social media in their daily routine life, it has become there a daily routine habit which is being existed from past few years.

In single platform there are lots of different good things as well as bad things, and this depend on us that what we choose “Good” or “Bad”, where good will make us happy and bad will make us sad, we have to think about it a lot before using and making it out a daily habit because using it for a long-time could make a major problems of pain in the eyes, back pain and also makes the brain feel tired completely.

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