Play Nokia’s Snake xenzia & Space Impact game on Android

Have you ever wondered about Playing your First mobile game again in your Android Phone.Today,lets talk about it.There was time when phones only used to Make calls and receive calls over that when Nokia 1100 came with the Classic Snake & Space Impact game it was the Starting of the multidimensional usage of Mobile Play Nokia’s Snake xenzia & Space Impact game on Android.

Now days everybody is Going for Smartphones and as Android market is on Boom there are few developers who really cared about the Good old days of Nokia’s Game.So you can Play Both of the games on your Android Phone.Make sure you have an Android phone and Download these two Old gems from Google play for Free.

Space Impact & Snake Xenzia were the video games found on several Nokia Mobile phones including the Nokia 1100,Nokia 3310, Nokia 3320, Nokia 3330, Nokia 3350, Nokia 3360, Nokia 3390, Nokia 3410,Nokia 3610, Nokia 5210, Nokia 5510, Nokia 6310, Nokia 6310i, Nokia 6510 Nokia 8855,Nokia 2100.

Sequels for the original game, such as Classic Snake,Space Impact 2 and Space Impact+ & Snake Xenzia appeared on later phones, including Nokia 3510, Nokia 3530, Nokia 3510i and Nokia 1100, Nokia 1101, Nokia 2300 respectively.
Starting with Nokia 7210, the sequel Space Impact 303 came available not preinstalled on the phone but available as an J2ME applet via download from the Nokia website. Phones with dedicated pages for this game were Nokia 3220, Nokia 3100, Nokia 6100 Nokia 6610, Nokia 6610i and many other phones that shared the 128×128 resolution.

Phones with the 176 x 208 resolution mode, such as Nokia 6630, Nokia 3650, Nokia 6600, were later provided with a resized version of this game available for download, as well as a newer version called Space Impact Evolution, specifically made for the Symbian S60 Platform m (Nokia 7650) and its sequel Space Impact Evolution X which had two versions: one bundled exclusively with N-Gage Classic And N-Gage QD (on “Extras” folder of Support CD) and another made for Symbian S60v2 devices.

Space Defense(Space Impact game on Android):
Perfect Space Impact from Nokia 3310 phone Remake
Space Defense is an perfect and only one available for Android Space Impact game remake known from Nokia 3310 phones. If you loved to play this game in the past and want to play again for hours this is the best choice for you. You can’t find any other game that is so simple and fun as this.

– original graphics
– original controls
– 8 original levels
– original sounds

App Screenshots

Classic Snake 2:

Play old school snake from Nokia phones
Totally Addict Yourself into Nokia Snake Old Joy
Play old school snake from Nokia phones
Bring You Back to The Joy of Old Classic Snake 2 from NokiaThis is a remake of the original Snake 2 that was on old Nokia phones.
It is as addictive as the original snake, play Classic Snake 2 and be prepared to loose some productive hours.App Screenshots


Classic Snake 1997:

App Screenshots


Just search them on Google Play.

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