Samsung Galaxy S5 :What can one expect !

So finally now Samsung has launched the much awaited Samsung S4 in the market.Rumors and speculations are already on the high in market about Samsung S5 : What can one expect from this new model.Certainly this next model will outdo the present models in specifications,style and performance.

Samsung Galaxy S5-water splash-realistic

What can one expect from this new phone?

Well certainly there should be some innovation in terms of size.We don’t        want some 6-7 inch phone,which will certainly defy the purpose of whole  MOBILE concept,when mobility and portability will be a problem.The  phone should surpass the performing capabilities of present generation phones.

As security measure,fingerprint scanner can be added to the next samsung mobile phone.

Samsung galaxy S5 is likely to sport company’s patent “Panoramic Imaging Lens & System,” which was introduced before the release of the Galaxy S4.

Galaxy s5 will have the latest possible Android Os version that means operating system  will be the Android Os version 5.0 ( Key Lime Pie ). The battery backup will be atleast 3200 MAH. While there should 4 GB RAM. The phone has to be waterproof and dustproof.

The latest and greatest processor for phones is the Exynos octa core that powers some of the Galaxy s4 phones out there. Lets take a moment to think about what this does to our smart phones. The Exynos Octa is the perfect balance between great performance and battery efficiency.

There are rumors that Samsung will deliver a flexible display in the Samsung Galaxy S5, but so far those are up in the air. LG committed to shipping a smartphone with a flexible display by the end of 2013. While Samsung is silent on when we can expect a


Youm flexible display release date, many analysts believe 2014 will usher in a wave of flexible smartphones and tablets.

Another feature detailed that could in

terest many is a messaging system. In the same way that the iPhone has iMessage and BlackBerry has BBM, what about S Message for Sam


ung users for free texting?

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