What to put in ITR form for “return in my capacity as ___”

This is one of the scenarios where i got stuck today , In the IT Return form there is a sentence which is “I further declare that I am making this return in my capacity as ______ and I am also competent to make this return and verify it”

Due date to file the Income Tax return this year is July 31st 2018, every year we fill up the form we don’t  exactly remember where we need to put what information.

So i dig in and found out that this blank space can be filled with different words depending upon the person filing the ITR.

Below are are all the cases, for me return in my capacity as is “Individual”.

Individual : The individual filing his Income Tax Return has to sign the return.

  • If the individual is mentally incapable, then the return may be signed by his Guardian or by any other person competent to act on his behalf.
  • In case the individual is absent from India or because of any other reason he is not able to sign and verify his return of income, then any person duly empowered by him through valid Power of Attorney may sign on his behalf. In such a case, a certified copy of the Power of Attorney must accompany the return.Now one can file income tax return with click of mouse with use of digital signature from any where from the world through Income Tax Return e-filing.

HUF: it can be ‘Karta’ or Authorized signatory

Firm : If you are filing the returns of your partnership firm then enter PARTNER

Local Authority : By the Principal Officer.

Association of Persons : By any member of the Association or the Principal Officer thereof.

Company : In this case by the following :-

  • Resident : Managing Director or, where there is no Managing Director or he is not able to sign and verify the return due to any unavoidable reason, by any director thereof.
  • Non-Resident : A person holding a valid Power of Attorney from the Company can sign and verify, it should be attached in return.
  • Wound up/taken over by the Govt. : The return can be signed and verified by the Liquidator or the Principal Officer as per the case.

Let us know in the comments if you also have any issue filing your income tax or any other issue related to tech, how to do thing online.

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