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Automate your retweets with Retranstwitter!

Stay active and be yourself to succeed on Twitter (probably sounds trite, but always true). This isn’t about producing tons of “original content” to wow your followers at all costs. is a service that will prove – retweets are necessary and important!Since you have a steady group of followers on Twitter, they surely share similar interests with you or at least they assume that your tweets/retweets can be good for them too. Twitter users are not obliged to “be original or leave”, but the rule of life says “stay active in it or your followers will just forget about your existence”. That’s why you shouldn’t ever hesitate about retweets. They will not annoy or bother your followers. Retweets are completely legitimate and demanded on Twitter. Whenever you see a curious tweet or find enjoyable information it is your duty to share it with with your followers immediately.Retranstwitter is a service to keep your profile active and do the retweet job for you. Set it to automatically retweet posts from your Twitter stream according to a set of rules: by author, by hashtag or use the combination of both:1) Become a tweet-aggregator

which follows and retweets reputable personalities taking part in the same events, sharing similar interests or expressing their trendy opinions. You can gather a group of like-minded followers around certain topic: for example if you are a science fiction fan who follows profiles of this genre’s famous writers, then you’ll like an idea to retweet their words automatically. Retranstwitter will free up your time and do the work itself. No more need to watch your feed for related tweets, as well as no need to retweet everything manually.

2) Help your followers to learn about events

from different points of view. You can try to consider a football match objectively – for this purpose you can follow official profiles of players, teams, sport reporters, experts, etc. Just set Retranstwitter to pick up their tweets referred to certain football hashtags, let’s say “#referee_error”, “#goal” or anything else. Once some new tweets matching these tags appear in your own feed, your followers will get automatic retweets.

3) Be a “broadcaster” to retweet news

from interesting people. Just imagine: you are in touch with a famous inventor who just tweeted about a new tool that might help one of your followers to solve serious problems, but unfortunately this poor guy doesn’t follow that inventor, while you have no idea to retweet. Story ends? Noway. Retranstwitter can save the day! Set it to retweet all news from anyone whom you find worth of attention. Who knows, probably this will appear a life-saving trick.

You can find this new service at retranstwitter official Site

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