9 Reason Why Payza is Better Than Paypal.

Send and receive money online with Payza.

Payza is the rising leader in online payments, offering convenience and security when spending and sending money online.

You are probably asking yourself who supports online payments in India.

Well, Payza is happy to offer our members in India a flexible and powerful payment platform in which your information is always safe and your payments always made instantly – without interruption! You can receive unlimited funds in your Payza e-wallet and keep it there for as long as you need – no pressure to withdraw it before you’re ready.

With all of these options, why go to anyone else for your online payment needs?Payza takes care of your business, no matter where you live. Take advantage of our product and spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues. Make Payza your favourite way to pay!Besides all This main Reasons Why should You sign Up with (9 Reasons Why Payza is Better Than Paypal):  

  1. Main Thing First : is that you Can earn With you payza account, Paypal and other.Online transaction sites Does not allow such Royalty. Earn money with AlertPay! Each time you refer someone to AlertPay(Payza), you could earn up to $10.00 USD.
  2. AlertPay (payza) is a good fit for the online merchant because their fees are competitive and users won’t have to deal with high charge back rates like they do with other companies.
  3. PayPal’s fees can cut a huge chunk out of their profit margins over time. PayPal’s current fee structure is about 2.9% when receiving funds from sources other than from a PayPal balance while AlertPay runs at 2.5%.
  4. Easy Sign up and Verification Process unlike in Paypal you have to provide Extra information of your pan card and Bank account In Alertpay (payza) You can Verify a account for receiving and Sending money Only with you mobile phone.
  5. PayPal supports 18 currencies while AlertPay (Payza) supports 22. In the area of countries supported, Payza (Alertpay) beats PayPal by a wide margin with 206 supported countries compared to PayPal’s 17.
  6. Both companies offer good security measures, but AlertPay (payza) goes a step further with their Know Your Customer Policy. This policy ensures that the user’s identity is kept private throughout the transaction. In addition, all funds deposited in AlertPay (payza)accounts are insured through the FDIC and Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  7. You can Sell and Buy online as every Big Website supports transaction from AlertPay (payza)
  8. You can Withdraw your money anytime from AlertPay (payza) account to your bank account and Its free in India.
  9. It’s clear that by comparing the services head to head,AlertPay (payza)comes out as a better alternative to sending money than PayPal. PayPal is number one mainly because they were first out of the gate and were adopted early on by eBay users, but if you’re looking for a better, less expensive and more secure way to send and receive money online, check outAlertPay (payza) or Do me a Favor and Sign Up with my Referral link
    AlertPay (payza)

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