HTC One Windows Phone might launch this Year: What to Expect?

HTC One Windows Phone
HTC One Windows Phone

HTC One Windows Phone might launch this Year: What to Expect?

Windows phones had a tough time selling in good numbers until the windows phone 8 came in. we have recently seen a lot of Nokia Lumia devices running windows phone 8, sell in good numbers. Lumia 520 and 620 are selling like soda bottles on a hot day while the high end windows devices are giving the flagship androids and iPhones a mild competition.

One + Windows:

We all love the HTC one. If you don’t, we are not considering your opinion. It has got a great 4.7 inch full HD display, the amazing ultra-pixel camera, the pretty metal body and the great hardware. It is all good about the device. The word is out that HTC is coming up soon with a windows phone device which would be somewhat similar to the HTC one. Do note that we said ‘somewhat similar’ not ‘completely identical’.


The device would be roughly the same size, maybe a bit smaller and made mostly out of aluminum like the HTC one. The Beats audio enhancements would be present. Now some might say that it can’t have the full HD display as it is not supported by windows phone 8. But it has been rumored that support for full HD displays will arrive with the GDR3 update so the device will probably go official after the update arrives.


The new update has been awaited by many now. The new update would add support for quad core processors and full HD displays. Now there is a Nokia Lumia in works sporting a 41 megapixel image sensor. We don’t think it is possible right now as to run a 41 megapixel sensor, they would require to run a snapdragon 800 processor which will be supported by windows phone only after this update. Same seems to be the story with this windows version of HTC one. The current operating system can’t support the display and processor. The problem doesn’t end here. The GDR3 update is not expected to launch anytime soon. In fact it is rumored to launch sometime in the second half of 2014 and this might make things tough for them.

If this device gets official, it won’t be the first device of its kind. HTC has been doing the android to windows transition before and the windows phone 8X has been one such example. This time however, the android game has gone too far and the transition won’t be easy for them.

If we ignore the problems and take a look at what is rumored about the phone, it doesn’t fail to impress. The device on which it is supposed to be based, HTC one has got a 4.7 inch display capable of 1080p. We might see a display almost similar on the rumored device, maybe a bit smaller. Every other manufacturer is taking up the megapixel count on their phones, with Samsung hitting 13 on S4, Sony having 13 mpx on Z and Nokia going entirely crazy with even 41 megapixel sensors. HTC is the one manufacturer which chose not to increase the count but instead put a large physical sensor than what others use while keeping it at only 4 megapixels. It improves the colour replication and light sensitivity greatly on the device.

HTC was one of the manufacturers who jumped early on the windows phone train but now they are falling behind with Nokia leading the windows phone sales. In fact the Lumiarange contributes to almost 80 percent of the windows phone usage. HTC windows phone flagship devices have been long rumored but the hardware restrictions on windows phone 8 lead to the decay of projects. The project was named Zenith.


Now we will soon see much more features on upcoming windows devices and with much capable hardware we will soon see a wide range of new windows phone based devices. Like android devices, we will see devices in varying sizes and different resolutions. The new update might also start the trend of Phablets based on windows but these are all just wild guesses right now. We are yet to see how HTC and Nokia take up the hardware on their devices from what they currently have.

The HTC one android device is doing very well in the smartphone market and is one of the bestselling high end smartphone. It would be a smart move to step on the popularity of the device while making the next windows device. For now, HTC has got only two windows phone 8 devices that are 8X and 8S but they aren’t doing any good as they are overshadowed by the Nokia’s Lumia range. The new device might help HTC regain some customers and steal the focus once again.


This smart move will help them save money on design and development of windows phone specific devices but some features like the ultra-pixel camera might take a lot of work to bring over. This device might bring more people to the windows phone platform giving them just a good reason to try the operating system.

We went reading all over the internet and there are a lot of websites telling different stories and talking about the problems they will face in making one such device, some of them we mentioned above. But we are still optimistic and are eager to see the rumored device. This would also improve the windows phone seen by bringing more competition on the table. Once HTC pushes a strong device in the market, we can be very sure that the Finnish giant won’t stay quiet for long and respond to the move. All we can do now is waiting for the new updates and devices to get official.

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