How to Download Torrent files with IDM (Internet Download manager)

Download torrent file with IDM

When you search a File,Movie,software or anything Else on Google or any other search engine you might got torrent file of so many contents.But you want to Download torrent files with IDM (Some people Prefer the IDM for Downloading) So Here is a Simple Trick to do What you want.Check the 5 sites where you can Download Torrent files with IDM.

Download Torrent files with IDM:

Instructions :

Step 1: Copy the URL of your torrent.

Step 2 : Go to any of these sites

  1.  : From the free account of ZBIGZ you can only download files less than 1 GB. But from the premium accnout you can download files with any memory.
  2. Since you’re given direct download links from torrent handler’s  high speed servers, the only limit is your own Internet connection, unlike how limited you are by using a Bit Torrent client. Depending on the file, you can experience download times up to 100x faster than with .torrent files.
  3. : Box opus downloads torrent file directly to your Drop box (Box opus downloads bit torrent content and puts it into Drop box which stores files online and copies them to all your devices. Downloading is easier and safer with box opus and Drop box combination.). No torrent client needed.
  4. : Copy the torrent meta file URL and press Download torrent and you can directly download the file into your PC.You can go to a torrent search engine like mininova to search your desired torrent file. To download the torrent file you choose, right click on the download torrent link, copy the link location (e.g. and then paste it in the input box at http// Then you have only to click on “Download torrent” button and that’s it!

Few of  the site mentioned above may work with IDM as they provide the direct download to your PC so you can it with the help of just have to signup with any of these sites.There are few limitations and constraints to these website so go through all above mentioned websites and choose the best one.

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