Chatwing – How To Embed the Best Chat Software into Your Site

If you’re a site owner hoping to deliver a better service to your clients by giving them a better method of communicating with you, then you might find setting a chatroom on your site a very appealing idea. The number of sites that used this method is steadily growing, and you surely don’t want to miss out. But before anything else, you have to choose which chatting tool you’re going to use and determine if setting it up can be beneficial for your site. There are a lot out there, and only a few make the cut – one of them being Chatwing.

This chat software is a very flexible gadget that can easily provide chat support in almost any site in any niche. That’s because it has a lot of features that compliment it – each with its own purpose of making chatting a whole lot better. Using it is very easy – and setting it up is even easier.  Here’s how you can do it.

First you need to have a Chatwing account – you can get one by registering at the site. It will only require a valid e-mail and a password to get the job done so you’ll be sure that it’s definitely hassle-free.

When you’re done with the registration, you’ll automatically be redirected to the dashboard. Creating new chatroom boxes or customizing the existing ones is the main purpose of this page. For now, you’re using a default chatbox that has been supplied to you. There’s still the customization page, but well talk about that later – we’ll be focusing on embedding your chatbox after all. Press the Use Chatbox button to head-on to the next step.


The Embedding Options is where you’ll make the final adjustments for your chatbox. You can access it by clicking on the Embedded Options tab. In here, you will be shown two scroll bars which you will use to adjust the actual size of the chatbox when it goes live in your site. By this time you must’ve noticed the html code below the scroll bars.

That is the html code for the chatbox. You’ll need to use that in order to embed it into your site. Simply copy the code and paste it at the designated area in your site. There are added instructions written to make sure you’ll paste it into the write place.


After you paste it in your site, save your progress and then refresh your browser. Your chatbox will go live after that.


After embedding Chatwing and familiarizing with its controls, you can start modifying it through the Customization page. Through it, you can make your chatbox a truly one of a kind and even apply some of its features too. You can access it by going back to the Dashboard and pressing on the Customize Chatbox button. From here you can modify everything about the chatbox – its overall visual appearance, setting up its additional functions or embed music in it.


Your chatbox can go from that to this:


This chatting tool will definitely deliver the best chatting experience for you and your chatters. And with it, they’re going to have a sense of satisfaction, urging them to come back again once more. With the proper management of the chatroom, it can improve the site’s interaction, increasing its overall performance in terms of SEO. And Chatwing is still improving, with hopes of providing a better service with its users, through live chat.

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