Benchmarking Mobile Maps : Nokia vs Apple vs Google : One More Comparison

Nokia vs Apple vs Google:

This is How Competition in market forces Companies to try new things and Innovate the methods of Advertising.In Last Month its Too much of Smartphones,Every day a Smartphone is announced and announced ones Launched in Market.Because of this Hard competition now Big names like Nokia,Samsung,Google and Apple are fighting each other a Cold market war,Where stakes are so high that they are not hesitating to compare the best features of there products to others.

Recently we saw the Ad Banner saying it Doesn’t take a Genius,After that Apple’s Don’t Settle for Cheap Plastic and a commercial from Samsung saying that the Next Big thing is Already Here,Also don’t forget the Nokia to take advantage of this Ad war by launching there Ad against Samsung and Apple Which said “the heavy weight Champion is here” So all and all it tough Competition making them to work hard for Increasing their market.
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Now I have seen a Picture if another comparison between Nokia,Samsung and Apple this was posted on Nokia’s Official page of facebook and Which was linked to is clear that Nokia taking advantage of the Epic failure of iPhone 5’s Maps service,Which is Showing wrong data and Information about places.
Take a Look:

Image Credits : and Originally Published by Pino Bonetti on September 20, 2012

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