10 Reasons Why Able2Extract 8 Is The PDF Converter For Your Needs

Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult aspects of handling any task, project or assignment is making sure that you’ve got the right tools to get the job done.  Working efficiently is a priority if you’re working within digital document workflows. And this is especially crucial when you need to maintain your productivity while working with PDF data.

It can be a long time before you figure out which PDF tool is right for your needs. For instance, you can have a PDF tool that performs conversions perfectly for general PDF file, but isn’t as dexterous for PDF extractions that require more precision,such as columns of text in formatted articles. This is where Able2Extract 8 comes in.

Developed by Investintech.com, Able2Extract 8 is a full featured PDF converter tool that is more flexible than your average PDF converter for any task that involves transferring PDF data faithfully and seamlessly to other formats.  Here is a look at what Able2Extract 8 has to offer your digital workflow with its top 10 features along with their benefits.

1.    New Cross Platform Compatibility. Able2Extract 8 is no longer limited to the Windows platform. It is now available on the Mac and Linux (Ubuntu and Redhat Fedora) platforms, as well.  Users can now take advantage of the same PDF conversion capabilities of the Windows version, regardless of platform.

10 Reasons Why Able2Extract 8 Is The PDF Converter For Your Needs

2.    Advanced Proprietary PDF Viewer.  Able2Extract comes equipped with its own PDF viewer which provides a high quality display of your PDF’s content. With this proprietary viewer you can see what you’re selecting and converting for accurate results. Rotate, zoom or go to a specific page in your PDF. Adobe Reader isn’t required.

3.    User-Friendly Graphical Interface. The screenshot below says it all. The interface is simple, light, and makes it easy to navigate through your PDF file with the most widely used commands conveniently placed right at your fingertips.

10 Reasons Why Able2Extract 8 Is The PDF Converter For Your Needs

4.    Pin-Point Conversion Accuracy. Why convert what you don’t need? With Able2Extract 8 users can benefit from accurate conversion results every time. There is no unnecessary data to delete post-conversion because you convert exactly the content you want. No more, no less. Select a line, a paragraph, a page or the entire file. What you convert is up to you.

5.    Multiple Conversion Output Options.Able2Extract 8 gives you a wide variety of conversion options. This means that you no longer have to have 5 different tools to accomplish 5 different conversions. With one installation of Able2Extract 8, you literally get more than 10 conversion functionalities with one single installation.

10 Reasons Why Able2Extract 8 Is The PDF Converter For Your Needs

6.   One-Click Batch Conversion Activation. Automate and schedule conversion for hundreds of PDF files with a single click. This functionality is aimed at reducing the time spent on mass conversions for a high volume of PDFs  Just set up your queue, specify your conversion settings and activate the process. You can boost your productivity by letting Able2Extract 8 do the tedious work for you as you work on more important things.

7.    Variety of PDF to Word Conversion Options. Able2Extract 8 can accommodate a variety of conversions from PDF to Word:  Standard, Frames, or Text. Each option further caters the PDF to Word conversion to your editing needs in MS Word, giving you more control over your own content. You can even convert PDF to Text, PDF to .doc, PDF to RTF if needed.

8.    Customizable PDF to Excel Conversions. When you opt for a custom conversion for PDF to Excel, you can manually designate the rows and columns to convert yourself.  You’ll save a ton of time for analyzing your data in MS Excel because it is converted just as you need it.

10 Reasons Why Able2Extract 8 Is The PDF Converter For Your Needs

You can even save those custom conversion parameters as a template for later use. And because you can preview your output prior to conversion, no guess work is needed as to how your data will turn out.

9.    Powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Technology.  The Professional version of Able2Extract 8 offers OCR technology for converting low-quality scanned PDFs into crisp conversion results you can reuse and edit.  You can work with as many scanned paper docs that come your way without having to fit in another OCR conversion tool into your budget.

10. Various Methods of Converting. Able2Extract is set up to let you work the way you’re used to working. You can select content and activate conversions with either the keyboard, the one-click command buttons, or by using your mouse.  This allows for an easy “Open-Select-and-Convert” 3-step conversion process. No complicated setup is needed and your PDFs are instantly converted.


With all these features and benefits, Able2Extract 8 makes for a reliable tool that can work to your advantage.

Able2Extract t8 is cost-effective and comes with flexible licensing options, whether you’d like to try it for free for 7 days; own the full version for $99.95; or only need it for 30 days at $34.95. Investintech.com also offers tiered volume licensing appropriate for small to large business enterprises.

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