White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO : Differences and Benefites

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEOWhen Search engines determines the Ranking of a website there are few number of factors on which Site is rewarded on the First page of Google (Search Engine’s Synonyms in todays date).

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO:

This includes :

  • The number of keywords used in Post(repetition of keywords Which are widely searched over Internet),
  • The number of High PR/Alexa Ranked Sites linked to that page.
  • And the Updation of Website.

Nowadays Blogs are one of the most useful Examples of  White Hat SEO Because above mentioned all three Points are covered in a Blog,a Blog is Updated frequently with the balanced number of Keywords in a Post and having High PR backlinks.

 Black Hat SEOVSWhite Hat SEO

If we talk about the Black hat SEO it is All about manipulating or say misusing above mentioned Points.As it is Focused on the Shortcuts by which we can trick the search engines work.

  • Keyword stuffing (Filling Up the Post with High Value keywords)
  • Spamming (Posting Similar types of Posts to Promote a Single post on Search Engine)
  • And Drawing Attention of Search Engine by linking several Website which are on First Page of Google.

Black Hat SEO is get rich Quick technique(Devil Side of SEO) where you will not get any readership but you’ll get huge traffic for a While(as now Google’s Algorithms have been changed so they can find out how are you Playing with Search Engines).

In other Hand White Hat SEO is an Angel side of SEO where you post balanced articles in terms of fooling a Search Engine and build your readership.It may Seem boring and work of patience but you get better results with time which lasts longer than Black Hat SEO results.

Here is a List of White-Hat SEO Tactics:

  • Guest Posting: Post on Other Blogs so you get a real dofollow Link.
  • Infographics:Create a Infographic about anything and distribute it to post on other sites.
  • Viral Seeding:Sharing your content on social media so you may get a Viral seed.
  • Content Creation: Creating original content by writing things with your own mind without copying anyone
  • Press Releases:Releasing an EBook to promote your Site.
  • Directory Submission:Submitting your Blog to different Blog directories.
  • Webmaster Outreach:Using Webmaster Tools at its Fullest.
  • Natural Link Bait:Wait for the credits people get you from their sites.
  • Spread News & Gain Links:Posting about your blog and get links by distributing some methods and tips.
  • Manual Forum Comments:Commenting on the Commentluv blogs without Spamming.
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White Hat SEO is the best investment.Blogs Using White Hat SEO tactics are future proof.

Google is Trying to devalue and penalize Black Hat SEO sites, they are armed with algorithms specifically designed to find Black Hat sites.Google has a goal to take them all down(So if you are getting Traffic Today by a Black Hat SEO it may get lost in a week, a month or longer).

Few more Tips for the White SEO of your Blog:

  1. Quality over quantity:Write less but write unique and relevant
  2. Use relevant keywords: Do not Spam
  3. Accelerate the loading time for your website: Get minimum Plugins and widgets in Blog.
  4. Clear and explanatory URLs: use  like: http://www.csdoon.org/White-hat-SEO-vs-Balck-hat.html Instead of http://www.csdoon.org/xyz.html.
  5. Quality inbound links: Also Create Internal Links on Blog.
  6. Separate the content from design: Content should be clear and visible.
  7. Building backlinks:All knows about the Backlinks
  8. Heading tags:Create the tags in Headings.
  9. Using the Google plus’s +1:Google has change the Term SEO by Introducing +1 button use it everywhere.
The Result is that you can use Black Hat SEO today but tomorrow your Blog will not last more(My personal Experience) So use White SEO techniques and create something for Forever.

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