What are Referrals and How to Get referrals : 5 Tips to make Easy Referrals

What are Referrals ?

Referral System is The popular money making and Site advertising method over the Internet.In a referral system People are paid to signup and referring a site to Another people.You have seen this type of marketing in real world Like “Amway”, where You Buy Product and Get discount on it,If you refer More People Under your DownLine. For that a Referral Link is Provided to Evey user.Users Who click on your referral Link are counted as your referrals.

Affiliate marketing uses this referral system to Increase the popularity and User of a Site.Many Big names from the Internet Pays or Give discount if you come with a huge no of referrals,those Big names include Flip-cart,Amazon,and many more e-commerce site.

Your can Simply understand the concept of referrals by this Example.
You joined Facebook and Invited your Friends with your e-mail Id When your Friends Accepted your invitation and joined the site then they are your referrals (In any Other site Which pays for referrals) because they are referred by you to the site.

How to Get referrals ?

There are many ways to get referrals for a GPT Sites (Get Paid to)  program you have joined.Most of the users Invite their friends and make them their referrals but this method can not help you for a long time,After a time there will be no one to sign up Under you in your Friend List.In my thought  these are the 5 best way to get referrals.

  • The very First method is To Invite Your Friends(From facebook,google,twitter and all other resourses).
  • Create a Blog and talk about your Site With your referral Link.There are many free web hosting site you can start any time(It Gives you International Audience and Exposure) See Example.
  • Share Your Link and Information About it on Social media.(Social media is a Best way to Spread the Word around the World) See Example.
  • Post Your Proof of Earnings and completed Offers because Money Attracts Money (of Course People love to join things Which make them Richer) See Example.
  • Last but not the least my Favorite Sign Up with the Sites Which Provides You Free Referrals (Although you can also buy referrals From Different sites But as I promised I’ll suggest all the Ideas Which will not cost you a Single Cent/penny/paisa)
  • List of Four Sites Where you Can Get Free referrals


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