How to Convert your text into links on Facebook : :update Facebook status in blue text

As I said in My last Post about Getting Free Facebook Likes that I’ll be reconsidering Few Last year articles for this year So I have came up with this Post.Many of the Facebook user may already familiar with this Trick(Code) as it was really popular and every second FB user was doing it On Facebook. But nowadays again I haven’t seen any user update Facebook status in blue text .

Here is Code you just have to Enter your Desire Text in Between the code and your Status will be updated appearing as a Link on Facebook it will be Clickable but it will not redirect user anywhere on Facebook) this Trick Extends my last year Post How to Update Empty Status on Facebook

Here is the Code to update Facebook status in blue text 

@@[1:[0:1:I like]]

Just Replace the Text I like and add your Text and Update your Status to see the Magic ;).

:update Facebook status in blue text
Example for Blue Text Status Update

If you want  to Write Blue color text and Redirect it to your Facebook ID or your friends Facebook ID or say any other Page on Facebook.

Then type the below given code‎ @[Your ID Code:0] @@[0:[Your ID Code:1:Your Text]]

Replace “yourID” by your Facebook ID or your friend’s Facebook ID or a Facebook PageID .Replace “Your Text” by your own text.

:update Facebook status in blue text
In this case I have Linked my Facebook page in “Your Text”

How to Get the facebook ID code of any Facebook user and Page ?

You can find your Facebook ID or your friend’s ID by doing this.Go to your Facebook profile or your friend’s Facebook profile and replace the URL by adding yourfriend


will be Replaced by this

Now you will get the ID from a new window along with all other Information(Which is not Important in this Case)

So These are Few Tips and Tricks for your Facebook Profile to Amaze your Friends.Hope you have Liked it .Please mention your Comments and Suggestions in Comments.

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