Uninor Free Caller Tune with Unlimited Songs 2012 for 30 days


(1) You should have an Uninor working Sim number
(2) Minimum Balance required – Below Rs.1 ( If this trick not work in ur area u will not
loose much )
(3) Now you have to Dial a number – *444# & do select ‘New Arrival’ category on it.
(You will see the list of Songs here )
(4) Now do Activate the Song which you would like to be your Uninor Callme tune
(Caller tune)
That sit…!!

– I have personally tried this trick in my Number and its working fine till now.
– So i confirmed with Gujarat state that this Uninor hack trick works 100% here.
– The states which is been confirmed by my friends is Jharkhand, Bihar, Rajsthan and
UP. So this trick will work 100% in this states.
– The validity of this caller tune is 30 days.
– Song downloading is free in this Uninor trick.
– Exclusively this uninor trick is for those whose Uninor Number is starting with ‘7’
– Try this trick at your own risk.


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