cannot upload images to WordPress : Unable to create directory error Solved

Recently I change my hosting account and transferred my WordPress blog  to a new host.Initially I found it really hard but then with the help of Google i was able to transfer my site to a new host without any problem. May be i’ll talk about that in my next post,as my today’s post focus on the problem which i had after transferring my site to a new hosting account.

When I created a new post after moving to a new host and added a new image to my post a Unable to create directory  error for upload  occurred which troubled me for 2-3 hours.So if you have same problem then you came to a right place,as i found answer within my blog settings.

First I searched it in Google but it wasn’t enough,all the threads was just redirecting to another thread.I got the Idea from those threads that there is some problem with permissions in my FTP settings.I have to give read and write permission for that particular folder where my images are going save.But it wasn’t enough,it was still showing  “Unable to create directory error /WP-content/uploads/2013/08″  .

Now I come to the point that how i Solved this error and posted my Image successfully to my post.There are two ways you can do it.

  1. If you have moved from one host to another host and haven’t updated your WordPress version then do it right now.It will be better if you install a fresh copy of WordPress and then upload your database to the blog.And don’t forget to configure your wp-config.php file.
  2. If you don’t want to install a fresh copy of WordPress then just configure your wp-config.php file for your new hosting account  and then copy the absolute hosting path of your blog.

absolute hosting path

As you can see in above Image I have copied my absolute hosting path from my hosting account at .Now just goto the following navigation on your WordPress dashboard


Unable to create directory error Solved

There you’ll see the field Store uploads in this folder paste the copied absolute hosting path there and save the settings.

This worked for me as you can see the newly updated Images in this post.If you have any suggestions and Queries please do mention it in comments.You can also mail us your articles and Queries to


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