Free Internet Tricks has its Own market in the Blogging World,There are So many Blog’s mostly from the India and Pakistan which  has the posts About the Free Internet tricks on 2g with the 3g Speed,Just because the Data plans in India are costlier than other countries so people try to get it free from Proxy settings and Handlers.Today I will not post any kind of free Internet trick for any Telecom Operator but I will give you the Idea of this market of free Internet Tricks where every millisecond Google gives About 606,000 results (0.28 seconds).

Here are the top 10 free internet tricks for airtel according to Google.

1.A Airtel Free 2G 3G GPRS Trick Using Fast Proxies use the proxies And enjoy free gprs on your mobile And pc

Setting :-
Port : 80
Home Page :- , /

This are Proxy
List Of Free Airtel Superfast 3G Proxies:-

Use This Proxies In Opera, Firefox, Internet Download Manager,
Or Use In Mobile.

#Note:- If You Want To Download Big Files From Mediafire Or Any Other Site
Then You Can Use This Proxy:- With Port:-80

Enjoy Guys! and don’t forget to post your comments. ©

Note: Interesting Thing About the Site is that this Post is almost 6 Months Old and Still on the Top of the Search results of Google
Result: Does not Work

2. Here is the trick to enjoy free 3g internet in your airtel sim card which works all over India for free, so just check it out and enjoy free internet tricks in airtel for 2012.

Just follow steps and enjoy Free GPRS Proxy Trick to open ssl sites in airtel:-

create new setting or chenge proxy settings-

* Proxy :-

* Port :- 80

* HP :- or working in your state (to get working homepage vist

Note :This thread is Almost 3 Month Old and Got 2nd Position on the Google Search Engine.
Result: Doesn’t Work Now.
3.Hi friends I have a great Tricks for Airtel 3G User.First activate Airtel 3G ( if you you use 2G SIM)

Then send SMS 3G to 121
You will receive a SMS that :-
3G service is already active on your number. to choose your plan
replay with 1.
1. Data Plan
2. Deactivate 3G

Choose 1 for DATA PLAN
then Choose 13 (it may change for different circle) for 4 GB free AIRTEL 3G DATA
You will get 4096 MB of DATA and Rs. 1.00 Main balance for free.

Check 3G Data Balance by dialing:- *123*11#

Note :This thread is also Almost 3 Month Old and Got 3rd Position on the Google Search Engine.
Result: Doesn’t Work.
4,5,6 Positon Posts are From Same Blog http://achusoft.blogspot.inGet ready with Airtel settings :
Activate airtel Internet settings.
If you don’t have it, Just send MO to 543210. Then you will get configurations from Airtel.

Set Up Opera Mobile :
Download and install opera Mobile for Android. If you don’t have it, click here to download from Android Market.
Open Opera Mobile and type opera:config in the address bar and press go.
Now you will get preference editor.
Scroll Down and click Proxy.
Now scroll down again and you can see the fields to enter HTTP and HTTPS server.
Now you can provide the required proxy server there in the format proxy:port.
If you want to input a proxy and port 80
Then you can enter it as
If you provided proxies, Scroll down until you get Use HTTP and Use HTTPS and tick both check boxes.
Now scroll down and press SAVE.
Done editing proxy.

Note :This is really Hard to Understand For a Rookie user but still this Hold 4th,5th,6th Position on the Google Search Engine.
Result: Doesn’t seems it will Work.
On 7th there is Mobile Site Where I did not find any Trick at all
On 8th a very Famous Forum for such tricks this may work for you but read carefully and also check the date of the Trick when it Posted.
Final Verdict:These Types of tricks never Worked for me though A bsnl trick which was told by my friend worked for me Once but you can Not rely on them forver.So I’ll suggest you to save your time as Google itseld does not know anything about these sites and start utilising it in making a Blog.if want a reason then read this post again there are 7 blogs in the top 8 list so Be ready to do something Creative and Productive For more Info and Guidance you can Contact us.

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