Top 5 PC Games Ever

PC gamer have reason to crow, since they get often the best of both worlds. Quirky and cheap smaller titles? Yup. The shiniest, most impressive versions of AAA multi-platform games? Yeah, they get those, too. Mostly.

And now you’ve joined their ranks. What should you install? Start out with the dynamic dozen below.

Top 5 PC Games Ever:

Amnesia : The Dark Descent

Horror games tend to make players focus on retaliation, promising them the power to beat back the monsters and night-things that plague them. Frictional Games’ acclaimed adventure succeeds by continually making you feel underwhelmed and out-of-sorts while taking place in a world that so intriguing that you’ll still want to want to keep on playing.

A Good Match for: Cthulu lovers. With a protagonist driven mad by the evil he’s trying to fight ina remote location, Dark Descent‘s basic plot structure and mood shares DNA with the iconic work of H.P Lovecraft.

Not for Those Who Want: To sleep at night. The more time you spend in the dark in Amnesia, the more disorientation gets thrown at you. Our advice? Get a night light for when you finish the game.

Battlefield 3

An incredible accomplishment of scale, EA’s premiere first-person shooter opens up a massive toybox of guns, vehicles and gadgets for players to deploy on huge swaths of real estate. In the span of 15 minutes, you can go from sniping at enemies hundreds of yards away to a firefight next to a crumbling building to dogfighting enemy fighter jets. And it all looks amazingly shiny and dynamic.

A Good Match for: Team players. Moreso than in rival Modern Warfare 3, DICE’s game rewards gamers who choose to play support roles to the gung-ho alpha males on the frontlines. So, just because you’re playing an engineer or a medic doesn’t mean, you won’t be getting experience and to spend and achievements to brag about.

Not for Those Who Want: Robust single-player. Nothing about the feeble twists and turns of BF3‘s solo portion disguise the fact that it’s basically a training ground for the multiplayer ecosystem.

Bejeweled 3

Somehow, Bejeweled 3 improved a recipe for addiction that’s gripped millions the world over. New twists like the explosive Diamond Mine and tense Butterfly modes push the familiar match-three action into intriguing new shapes.

A Good Match for: Quilters. Bejeweled 3 takes a tried-and-true fabric and stitches it to other ideas—take the Poker Mode, for example—in a way that’s different but still warm and comforting.

Not for Those Who Want: Online Bragging Rights. The lack of web-based leaderboards on which to post your best scores is a weird omission that compartmentalizes a huge community.

Civilization V

The legendary turn-based strategy series changed things up significantly with Civilization V to make would-be world domination tons more streamlined. Maps are easier to navigate, crucial information flows easier and it’s the best-looking entry in the family tree.

A Good Match for: Event planners. Like a wedding or a milestone birthday party, Civilization V‘s all about knowing your guests and what they need to have a good time. Of course, those “guests” are rival nations and “a good time” is submitting to the power of your empire.

Not for Those Who Want: Older Civ games. Civilization V is no incremental sequel, and the difference could alienate die-hard fans of the historical franchise.

Total War : Shogun 2

You can almost hear the battle cries and smell the gunpowder in Creative Assembly’s newest strategy game, which gives players the goal of ascending to supreme military domination against rival feudal lords. Improvements in AI behavior and the introduction of skills allocation let you be a more flexible commander than in previous Total War games.

A Good Match for: Akira Kurosawa fans. Some of the Japanese director’s best dramas took place in Japan’s feudal period and thisTotal War game gives a big-picture view as the kinds of conflicts that daimyo and samurai soldiers fought in. Everything about Shogun 2—from the artwork to soundtrack to overarching gameplay goals—puts you inside a living history lesson.

Not for Those Who Want: To Rule the World. You only get one country to dominate in TW:S2 game, unlike Empire where the entire globe was your battlefield.

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