Top 5 Free Android Games From Different Categories | Highly Rated Android Games for Free

Here is the List of Top Five Games Which are Trending Now days and also Free to Download From Google Play Store Just Install these Awesome Fantasy,Gambling,Action Arcade and Mind Puzzling Games and Entertain yourself.

Top 5 Free Android Games:

1.Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers is a dark fantasy Android game; an epic world of knights, elves, goblins and vampires ready to battle! The tale of a hero turned vampire, who must bind an army in a pact of blood in order to exact vengeance on a corrupt empire. Choose one of eight heroes – knight, samurai, high elf, dark elf, ape, lizardman, dwarf, or goblin – to lead your army to victory! Killer battles! Mysterious characters! Secrets to be discovered!

*** To celebrate reaching 480,000 downloads, new players will receive a rare dragon character as a login bonus!***

Countries: Austria, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, France
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Countries: United Kingdom, United States
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2.Urban Rivals

Urban Rivals is the number one Multiplayer Strategy Online Card Game. Build your team of characters, level up your cards and challenge thousands of players.

Discover hundreds of awesomely designed characters who gain experience after each fight, improve their stats, unlock powerful abilities and change their physical appearance as they level up.
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Build a paradise all your own! Escape the dusty city and go for a tropic ride! The adventure begins today!The plane has crashed, and you are the sole survivor. You look around and see palm-trees basking in the tropical sun — this could be a nice place to live, after all. It may take a bit of work to make it the home you deserve, but it still beats the heck out of sitting in an office!
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4. Arcane Empires
Play Arcane Empires – build your empire in the most awesome strategy game!
A battle for freedom is raging! Use magic and steam-tech to build your cities, raise armies, and resist the evil Prince Dessen as you found your own Arcane Empire!In the midst of a brutal civil war, you and your countrymen have at last secured your independence from the merciless Korassian Empire. The weakened imperial forces, led by Prince Dessen, attempt to regain control of the realm and enslave the population. Build up your city to protect your people and your freedom!
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5.Quests & Sorcery
Discover mystical creatures and level a hero to greatness in fantasy-action RPG Quests and Sorcery. Team up with allies or go it alone as you explore a massively interactive world unlike anything else on mobile.
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