Throne of Swords New iPad Game for US, UK : Free Download

Ever felt you were special and meant for something more? In Throne of Swords your destiny is on a path towards greatness. All you need to do is step forward and lead!

Be part of this movement and experience:
* Immersive 3D worlds, stunning graphics and animations
* Both single and multiplayer Kingdom building strategy game
* Explore maps seeking treasure, resources and foes to vanquish
* Recruit Knights and lead armies to destroy, pillage and conquer
* Embark on massive PvP conquests against other Kingdoms to see who is the strongest!
* Forge Alliances with your Friends to defeat rival Alliances
* Climb up the Leaderboard and claim your rightful status
* Play with new Friends from all over the world and help each other flourish
* Play through an extensive series of PvE Quests to strengthen your Kingdom
* Beautify and expand your Castle by Building and Upgrading structures inside
* Grow your Economy by building Cropfields, Mines and Lumbermills in your Province
* Unlock and Train a variety of Troop types to bolster your forces

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What’s New in Version 1.4.0
* Games are more fun with friends. Use the new Add Friends button and search for friends who already play the game.

* No more resource shortage, we came up with a set of shop items that will help you boost your economy.
* We added more quests for you and made sure that all quests can complete and trigger correctly.
* The Barbarians are getting restless. New barbarian unit classes are trying their best to keep your Knights on their toes.
* Military unit attributes have been tweaked making their attack and defense performance more distinct.
Scren Shots:
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iPad Screenshot 2iPad Screenshot 3

Download it Free From iTunes
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