Buying a camera ? Things to keep in mind while buying a camera

Buying a camera??

Lets discuss the things to keep in mind while buying a camera.

There are many questions that pops up in your mind before buying a camera.Let us first of all point out the questions that one should ask.

  • What are my needs as a photographer? Do i need a camera for fun or I want to make out a career in photography ?
  • What is my budget for buying a camera? This is the most important questions of all.
  • What kind of life do you live? (indoors,outdoors long shifts of work or long vacations)
  • What is your environment like? (mountains,jungles or concrete cities)
  • Do you want a camera that you can keep in your pockets or you prefer functions over size?

Once you have answered these questions,you will be able to filter down from hundreds of models to a fewer options.For answering these questions you should inquire from professionals or surf the internet.

These days mobile phones are attached with superb cameras.So,if you are not planning to get into professional photography and live a busy life,you can consider nokia,sony or even samsung.

Let us dig a little deeper and differentiate between types of cameras.


Everyone should have a normal point and shoot camera,they are handy and can click good pictures without much hassle.These are perfect for starters and jovial shooters.They are the original digital cameras,cheap and useful.

  • Normal point and shoot (range starts from Rupees 4000)

    point and shoot camera


The advanced point and shoot are a perfect start for those budding to be professionals.These cameras are hybrid.They have auto modes as well as manual modes.One can learn about different concept of photography from these cameras.They have awesome zoom capabilties and generally have the look of DSLR cameras.Though they are not handy generally.

  • Advanced point and shoot(range starts from Rupees 7000)

    Advanced point and shoot camera



These are the real deals. DSLR cameras are the jack-of-all-trade cameras that are capable of capturing just about any image, in any situation that you throw at them.Though thay are not great in wide angled photography,but they are perfect for sports photography and are mostly one time investment.

  • Range starts from Rupees 22000 approx with a 18-55 mm lens.

    DSLR camera




In 1950 a French engineer named Pierre Angénieux introduced a technology that changed the course of photography forever. Angénieux developed the retrofocus design lens. These lens unlike original SLR cameras,increase the distance from the nodal point to the film plane much further than the effective focal length. As such they are best option with their optical purity are excellent for outdoor, wide angle photography.

  • Range starts from Rupees 24000 approximately.

    Mirrorless or Rangefinder camera



Now that we have discussed the types of cameras,lets discuss the proper accessories needed with a camera.There are a wide range of accessories that are needed with a DSLR camera.These cameras are too heavy so one needs a tripod or monopod for clicking stable pictures as they have manual mode. The different accessories are for any cameras these days are :

  • Camera Case
  • Memory Card
  • Spare Batteries and electric charger

The different accessories for DSLR cameras are:

  • Lenses (if you are getting a DSLR)
  • Filters (and other lens attachments)
  • Tripods/Monopods
  • External Flashes
  • Reflectors

P.S. : Just my views,suggestions are welcome.


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