Switch to WordPress : Today is the Best Day

Hello folks this is my First article after I switched to WordPress from Blogger.I’ll suggest everyone out there who take blogging seriously and want to save their Blog for a long run,today is the Best day to switch to WordPress.

Today I’ll mention Why I switched to WordPress and Why should every blogger use Self Hosted WordPress Blog.

Why I switched to WordPress

Blogspot is the best way to start blogging as it is easy and more comfortable to start with,but after getting traffic and monetizing that traffic blogspot can be pain in your A**.Last month I had 50K alexa rank and 20K visitors daily on my Blogspot Blog but all of a Sudden Blogger Deleted my Blog without any warning or notification.

Your blog is marked as spam blog by automated classification system. Learn more

I was using the custom domain name csdoon.org with Blogger hosted blog.In this case you only own the Domain name but your blog is the Property of Blogger/ Google.they can remove it anytime.After my blog listed as a Spam blog and deleted by Blogger.

I posted a Thread on blogger Forum,they apologize for their mistake and said that it will take a while to check my blog and restore it.I had 6-7 day conversation on the thread but it did not worth it.My blog was reviewed and still suspended for the violating Blogger TOS.

Switch to WordPress : Today is the Best Day

Read these Two articles about my blog Written by friend Bloggers:

They did not give me any clue about the deletion of my blog.When I explored on the Blogger Terms mentioned in Product-forum of Google I found that the Affiliate marketing,Posting About GPT sites is also against their Terms and Services.

you can read more about the Spam blogs and Blogspot TOS on Google Product forum.

Why you Should Switch to WordPress

There are Hundreds of posts about the Blogger vs WordPress.I’ll not mention the reason Why WordPress is Better than Blogger.Only thing I know that if you own a Website/Blog then you should own it fully.If you are using Free Blogspot Hosting on Custom Domain then it is the Right time to decide and  switch to WordPress for more control on your blog content.

How to Switch to WordPress

If you are ready to Switch to WordPress then We can help you in migrating from your Blogger account to WordPress for free.If you are not comfortable with WP yet then you can use Free WordPress service from wordpress.com and get used to WordPress Interface. Initially it is a bit hard to understand but after sometime you’ll love to work in WordPress.You never Know Blogger can Delete you Blog so that’s why Today is the Best Day to Switch to WordPress.

In my Next article we will show you how to move your Blog from Blogspot to WordPress.Till then Get familiar with WordPress.

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P.S: WordPress Does not need any Coding ability its Highly supportive and you can do anything on WP with the Thousands of Free Plugins.

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