Recently, a New Mexico mum was convicted for posting a rumour on Facebook concerning 8 th graders bringing firearms to school. This lead to a community wide panic that resulted in the 160 students to skip school that day and a $29 fine for the mum who posted such a thing on a public platform like Facebook rather than informing the local authorities about it.

A case that was instigated by a Facebook post was taken into consideration by the authorities because of the nature of the case. But, every single day teenagers from all over the world use portals like Facebook and Twitter every single day as a tool to propagate their mindless propaganda. They use it to cyberbully their peers, to spread rumours about them and their lives. They create sockpuppet accounts to catfish their peers in order to reap information out of them just because they feel like it. They want to climb the social ladder and live their lives on the highest rungs of the ladder just so they could feel good about themselves and their life.

Little do they know, or rather think about the broken spirits they leave behind in their individual pursuit of happiness.

Impacts On Teenagers

It is teenagers, like your teenage kids and their friends and peers that are one of the many people responsible for turning the social media network into a rumour mill, where whatever you put holds an international significance. Earlier, a person could escape the rumours and the lies being spread about him or her by just changing schools since their peers reach extended to the hallways of their school but today, a single negative comment about, let say a person’s choice of hairstyle can spread all over the internet like wildfire and people, ones that know them and ones that have no idea who that person is, leave all sorts of comment about something as stupid as their hairstyle which can have people feeling like they do not deserve to carry on living their lives even.

Furthermore, situations like these leaves no room for that particular person to escape the torment because it is constantly there for them to see and read, which makes them, more often than not, contemplate relief in the form of suicide. And many teenagers go one step further and even kill themselves.

How Can Parents Help?

While one may ask parents to look into their child’s affairs if he or she seems snappy and jumpy and overly sensitive to even the slightest remark about him or her as all such things may point towards obvious signs of being bullied online, yet on the other hand parents also need to be vigilant about the fact that their child might be the one behind the rude and mean comments and rumours which may result in one of their peers taking their lives.

In both scenarios it is advisable to both parents that, seeing the state of the social media and how it is being used as a tool to promote all sorts of hate speech, you may want to look out for your kid.

You may need to see if your child is being cyberbullied or catfished by his or her peers but also keep an eye out to see if your child is the one responsible for spreading all sorts of ill rumour about their peers.

In both scenarios, which physical monitoring is ideal, it is not enough since the teens today spend a very active social life, both online and offline and have multiple devices they can use to access the internet. Therefore, it is advisable that parents make use of the virtual assistance that they can be provided with in the form of parental monitoring applications to keep an eye on their child.

This way, not only would they be able to monitor closely who says what about their child by keeping an eye on text messages as well as calls and online chat logs and figure out a way to put an end to it to protect your child but also provides you with the information about the kind of things your teen does online and how long does he stays online for.

Being a parent has never been more though and it is only going to grow tougher with time. Thus, it is in best interest of every parent out there to look out for their children before it is too late.

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