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 Jacksonville, Florida – DateBase Inc. introduces ServedHOT, a mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices. ServedHOT allows users to find, enter and vote for HOT employees around their location in various categories. Users are able to add and vote for their favorite HOT bartenders, doctors, hairdressers, bankers, salespeople, waiters, waitresses and more. Profiles can also be claimed by the employees to provide photos, bio, and other information.ServedHOT was initially marketed only in the Jacksonville area where it has collected over 300 employees and garnered over 3 thousand votes.

“It’s time to roll out ServedHOT to other markets”, stated Co-Founder Cory Nichols. “ServedHOT users will now be able to add employees and vote for them in all locations around the world.”

“With this release we will need people to help us build the database,” added ServedHOT’s Robb Chamberlain. “Anyone can add employees and locations, and we have noticed that more and more employees are claiming their profiles.” Chamberlain added, “Cory’s idea was unique, and we have fine-tuned it to be beneficial for users, employees, and the businesses they represent.”

Benefits:* Helps users find new places
* Helps employees gain new business
* Helps businesses advertise in a unique way

* Easy to use
* Quick additions
* Privacy considerations

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android
* Requires at least iOS 4.3 or Android 2.1

Pricing and Availability:
ServedHOT 1.2 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store or the Android Market.

ServedHOT 1.2
Download From iTunes: 

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