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SEO Trends for 2013

Staying aware of the recent developments in the SEO industry turns out an incredible tool especially if you have a website hosting under your responsibility. For the ones who are left out of trends are usually left behind in SERPs.
The awareness of changes of SEO mechanisms is more important particularly for the companies offering SEO service. Sites suffering from rank loss due to Panda and Penguin updates can presently envisage the consequence of taking things lightly.

SEO Trends for 2013:

Latest updates on SEO :

Some of the latest updates that can make the life easier by helping in keeping your website at the top ofthe search list:

Algorithmic changes:

Algorithm Updates are a continuous process at Google which improves its algorithms improving it to the point where it might affect the PR of your website too in case you do not improve it. Not risking the concept behind quality and original contents, it will now calculate the element of Authorship too. The focus presently would be on websites alongside individual Authorship.


CRO or Conversion rate Optimization will require more investment in the multichannel tagging plus web analytics which would ensure better CRO since it would affect the SEO prospects also. Each click would be investigated to the culminating point with the help of Google Analytic. The number of clicks which you have got culminating to the number of them that have materialized will act as the contributing element in the ranking procedure.

What is Agent/Author rank?

PagerankPage Rank has always worked as the key attraction among all that the website owners know of with new developments being able to add more important things into the concoction presently. It is Agent Rank or Author rank. What is meant by being that quality of a good content will not essentially be judged by webpage or domain but as per the individual who is writing it. Google has decided to grade authors instead for their content quality which will decide a website’s ranking. So companies need to depend wholly on either the hiring services of the authors whom they have already ranked or employ a person with the responsibilities of doing it. Google plans on monitoring the authors through their Google+ profiles.

Google had lately been strengthening the control over reviews and local listings.

These updated mechanisms will be able to identify all duplicate content available presently and some changes which would sort out only the ones that have original content in their websites and should genuinely be placed at the top of a search.

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