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Most of the Facebook user has not seen their login screen as they are 24*7 logged in on Facebook.I am also One of the Facebook Addicts but today When I cleared my cache and Cookies from my Chrome Browser then I realized that “Facebook also had a Login page :P”.

After seeing that login page a old trick struck on my mind,most of the Facebook Geeks know about this trick but there are some new users or say end users Who don’t know about the Facebook Tips and Tricks So here is little Fun trick for your Chrome Browser.Now You can change your Facebook login page wallpaper in Google chrome browser. you can set it to any picture you want from Internet or your PC.its more of a Browser Extension than a trick ;).Install the Chrome Extention and watch the Facebook screen after log out.Sometime its Better to take some rest from Facebook 😀

Example :

Just goto FB Refresh and Add it to your Chrome Browser:

Little Description About App

Set your own custom background as your FB login wallpaper!

What’s new?

– Complete customization using the built in Theme Editor.
– Image Upload! A much requested feature that allows you to upload an image from your computer.
– Change Facebook logo to dark or light for best visibility.
– Image Size options allows you to choose a specific size for your image. You can even force the image to stretch to the browser size.
– Image Search that automatically finds images fit for your screen resolution.
– Box color option with built in color chooser to change the transparent login containers color.
– Label color options with built in color chooser to change the text color to one that matches the box color.

FB Refresh does not affect any other part of your Facebook, and NEVER has access to your personal data, passwords or anything of the like. You can enter a custom image URL as the background. This means you can add an image of any dimension, including HD wallpaper. Remember, however, that the larger the image, the slower the load time.

How to Do it
#1 – Install FB Refresh 
#2 – Visit while logged out. 
#3 – Click the settings “cog” icon (just above the login button) 
#4 – Enter an image URL in the box or upload an image and adjust other settings as you like.
#5 – Visit (while you are logged out) and enjoy!
If you also know about some Fun tricks and Browser add-on For Facebook Please mention it in Comments.

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