Post an animated gif onto your facebook wall or Timeline:

First of all, facebook does not support animated gifs(moving pictures) as profile picture or in album. But there are some applications in facebook that provides this functionality. One such example is the ‘Animated Picture’.

This application provides links to animated gif pictures. If you post this link in your wall, or your friend’s wall, then you will see animated picture. But note that, you cannot download the animated gif and upload it again. In that case, only the first image of the gif sequence will appear.


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GIFs on Facebook:

Wait. GIFs on Facebook?!

We did it. GIFs on Facebook! Giphy’s got all the GIFs and now you can share them with your friends on Facebook. You can embed them right onto your timeline from our site.You can now post GIFs on Facebook thanks to a workaround from Giphy.

Facebook spokesperson reached out to say that “Facebook does not support animated GIFs.” So for the record, Facebook doesn’t officially support GIFs, but Giphy links work like GIFs on Facebook, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, if you just copy and paste a GIF from any place on the web, it still won’t work on Facebook. But if you search Giphy for a good GIF and then share it on Facebook through the website, your friends will be able to click on your update and see the animated loop within their NewsFeed.

To give you a walk-through, first go to the Giphy website and search for whatever you’re interested in posting. Then you can either just press the “Facebook” button that will post the GIF to your wall, or you can copy and paste the Giphy URL into your status box.

Not sure how to feel? That’s why Giphy created the GIF Reaction Page. So go ahead and try it out!

Man, remember yesterday, when you couldn’t post GIFs on Facebook?

How to Post an animated gif onto your facebook wall or Timeline : Updated


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