Today I used a Proxy VPN site to Access Free Internet,They Provide 100 MB free Data Daily for Trial Accounts and for premium account there is no Limit on Bandwidth and Data Usage.For using the services of this Site you just have to Sign up with the Site and Verify your mail by clicking link in your mail from PD-Proxy VPN Service site.

Note : This VPN service works with all Indian and International Mobile Operators,you just need to have an Active Internet Connection.
After having a Verified account you can download the software without paying a Single Dime and can Enjoy daily free Internet Surfing.
My data usage through PD Proxy
And if you are a Blogger or a Forum member you can Claim Free Premium Account by Promoting the Site.
Here is the Easy Step by Step Instructions For Getting a Free PD-Proxy VPN Service Account.

1. Sign up for an account ( Sign Up for Free Here )
2. Download and unzip PD-Proxy HERE
3. Open PD-Proxy.exe When a prompt message asking you to install a driver press Yes.
4. Press connect and wait till it says that you are connected.
5. Enjoy browsing the internet safely and securely.

My data Vol is Constant after using the Proxy.

Also take care of the things I have mentioned above about the registration and you should have an Active Internet connection for that you can recharge your mobile with a minimum data pack available on your operator.

After this Check your Data Balance it will not Decrease as you are surfing the Internet from PD proxy VPN service.My experiene with it Wonderful.Hope all Csdoon readers also Get Some benefit of it.
PD-Proxy VPN Diagram
PD-Proxy Diagram
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