NirSoft’s PasswordFox is a free tool that extracts and displays the passwords stored in your Mozilla Firefox profile or any other user’s profile. It displays each password’s Record Index, Web Site, User Name, User Name Field, and other data. It also creates HTML-based reports that you can save or print. PasswordFox works in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

  • PasswordFox is portable freeware that runs without needing to be installed. When you first open the program, it automatically detects your main Firefox user profile and displays the data under headings that can be customized by clicking View and selecting the column choosing tool.
  • If your profile is stored in a different location, or if you’d like to use a different profile, it’s easy to do by clicking Select Folders and browsing to or specifying the file path.
  • We could also check a box to specify a Firefox installation folder and enter a Master Password. Other options include the ability to add grid lines to the main view and add header lines to CSV/tab-delimited files.
  • The latest version of PasswordFox removes UPX compression to keep from triggering false positives in Windows Defender and other antivirus applications.
  • There’s a Help file, but some users may need to open it directly from the program’s folder.

PasswordFox is the sort of supersimple tool that earns its keep when you forget the password for logging on to your bank account or favorite social networking site. As more and more sites demand longer, more-secure passwords, it gets harder and harder to remember them. PasswordFox can help you with that.

Downlaod : PasswordFox For free

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