Facebook is Becoming the Hub of Spams and Junk Apps.Every minute someone is sharing something Interesting and Behind this “Interesting Thing” there may be a scam or a Spam app which can post a single message to all your Friends wall and can embarrass you.  

last time I posted about a spam which says that Facebook Will Pay Three Cents Per Share to Help Baby With Facial Cancer.
Today I find a similar spam which says “wooow now I have seen how many hours I spend on Facebook.”
Facebook ScamAnd some of them says “I KNOW WHEN YOU LOOK AT MY PROFILE USING THIS”

Facebook Scam
If you’ll click on it to know who looked at your profile.It never gonna happend However your going to publish this message on your friends wall or you will end up tagging your friends in a post which is posted by this Scam.
After clicking on That link you will be redirected to this Window of peekprofle.
Facebook Scam
If you click on CLICK HERE TO BEGIN then your browser will show a Extension app loading in your system which is responsible for all the posting in your wall and tagging your friends in a post because when you allow a application on facebook then you gave it right to post on your wall and tag your friends also.

so Still chance if you see such notification ignore it and close the window Immediately.

Facebook Scam
and Finally if you continue with this then you will end up with a message on your which is tagged by this app to your friends and also it will published on your friends wall without your permission.

So Dont click on such Links and be safe.
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First Scam is published here

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