Olympics Google Doodles Day 5 : London 2012 Men’s Ring Competition

It’s the fifth day of the London Olympics and Google has come up with yet another Doodle to celebrate this sporting fiesta. Only this time, it doesn’t have a female athlete.

Yes, the latest doodle is dedicated to Rings Gymnastics, a discipline only for men as it requires tremendous strength. It is the first doodle of the London 2012 with a man.

The artistic gymnastic medal event was scheduled for Monday and it was defending champions China who won the gold medal. Great Britain finished second and took Silver while Ukraine finished with the bronze medal.

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On Day Four (Monday) of London 2012,Google Showed a London 2012 Fencing Google Doodle on Home page. The doodle shows two fencers fighting against each other using bladed weapons.

On Day Three (Sunday) of London 2012, Google came up with the London 2012 Diving Google doodle. It had a female diver in position for the plunge on the diving board over a pool that has the Google logo painted on the bottom.

On Day Two (Saturday) of London 2012, Google posted an archery doodle on its home page that showed a female archer taking aim at a bullseye, the target is strategically placed over the middle ‘o’ on the Google logo painted on the wall.

On Friday, Day One Google put up its London 2012 Opening Ceremony doodle that showed five athletes on the track holding the letters of the Google logo. The Olympic disciplines depicted on the Google Olympics opening ceremony doodle were football, swimming/diving, running/jumping, javelin throw, fencing and basketball.

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