Olympics Google Doodles Day 14 :Slalom Canoe @London2012

Whitewater slalom (canoe slalom since November 2008) is a competitive sport where the aim is to navigate a decked canoe orkayak through a course of hanging gates on river rapids in the fastest time possible. It is one of the two kayak and canoeingdisciplines at the Summer Olympics, and is referred to by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as Canoe slalom.

The other Olympic canoeing discipline is canoe sprint. There is also wildwater, a non-Olympic paddlesport. Whitewater slalom racing started in Europe and in the 1940s, the International Canoe Federation (ICF) was formed to govern the sport.
Google's wrist-wrecking London 2012 slalom canoe doodle
The first World Championships were held in 1949 in Switzerland. From 1949 to 1999, the championships were held every odd-numbered year and have been held annually in non-Summer Olympic years since 2002. Folding kayaks were used from 1949 to 1963; and in the early 1960s, boats were made of fiberglass, and nylon. 
Boats were heavy, usually over 65 pounds (30 kilos). With the advent of kevlarand carbon fiber being used in the 1970s, the widths of the boats were reduced by the ICF, and the boats were reduced in volume to pass the gates, and boats have become much lighter and faster. From 1949 to 1977, all World Championships were held in Europe. The first World Championship held in North America was held at Jonquiere, in Quebec, Canada in 1979.

The London 2012 slalom canoe is the 14th doodle (and the third playable doodle) posted by Google during the ongoing London 2012 Olympics.

This interactive doodle, which featuers a paddler with a yellow-coloured canoe, lets you paddle a canoe down a water course that has 10 downstream gates, marked with green striped poles. Users can use left and right arrow keys to accelerate the speed of their canoes. On hitting the banks, water animals and sedimentary rocks, the speed of the canoe will slow down. The faster you paddle, the more you will score.

The Google logo is floating in the water course and appears only before the game starts. The second ‘O’ the Google logo is shown as the play button, which is to be hit to start the game.

London 2012 basketball was the thirteenth London Olympics doodle, carrying on the tradition of a Google doodle every day of the Olympics.This was the Second Doodle Game Posted by the Google.

Google Posted First Doodle Game of Hurdles on their Home Page for London 2012 Olympics on 7th August.

On 6th August  The doodle with a night theme has the spotlight on a male athlete preparing to throw the Javelin in front of a jam-packed stadium For the Javelin Event.

The Google Doodle for Synchronized Swimming was Displayed bu Google on 5th August . 
The Google Doodle for the 4th of August 2012,the  9th day is the “London 2012 Pole Vault” event. The London 2012 Pole Vault event is taking place on the 8th of August 2012 to the 10th of August 2012.

On Eighth Day The London 2012 shot put doodle posted by Google on its home page. The task on shot put is to throw a metal ball (shot) as far as possible in a pushing motion (putting).

Seventh day of Olymics there was a Google Doodle for Table Tennis on Google’s Home Page.The Doodle Showed a TT Raquet with a Player.

On Day Six (Wednesday) There was a Doodle on Google’s Homepage For the Hockey Competition in Olympic 2012.

On day Five (Tuesday) of London 2012,Google Showed a Men’s Ring Competition Google Doodle.  
On Day Four (Monday) of London 2012,Google Showed a London 2012 Fencing Google Doodle on Home page. The doodle shows two fencers fighting against each other using bladed weapons.
On Day Three (Sunday) of London 2012, Google came up with the London 2012 Diving Google doodle. It had a female diver in position for the plunge on the diving board over a pool that has the Google logo painted on the bottom.
On Day Two (Saturday) of London 2012, Google posted an archery doodle on its home page that showed a female archer taking aim at a bullseye, the target is strategically placed over the middle ‘o’ on the Google logo painted on the wall.
On Friday, Day One Google put up its London 2012 Opening Ceremony doodle that showed five athletes on the track holding the letters of the Google logo. The Olympic disciplines depicted on the Google Olympics opening ceremony doodle were football, swimming/diving, running/jumping, javelin throw, fencing and basketball.

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