New Alternative To Adsense :

Alternative To AdsenseThis Is Posts About a New Alternative To Adsense As i Know. Adsense Are You Tired of Applying for Adsense And Got Rejected Every Time. Or Afraid Of Applying  Adsense So They Will Reject You And Searching For Best Alternative To Adsense .

For Countries Like IndiaPakistan etc. That Renders Maximum Earning Chances To Publishers. If Yes You Are on Right Place.

New Alternative To Adsense :>>

Recently, Yahoo And Bing have Signed a Legal Agreement With  Render Contextual Advertisements To Webmasters Who Are Willing a Sign up To Their Programs.

According  Yahoo Every Web Publisher Can Enjoy This Service if His/Her Blog Or Website Have a Good  Number Of Quality Content And a Decent Number Of Unique viewers. The Advantage Of Signing up With is They Do Not inspect Blogs Very Deeply Just Like Google Adsense.

Features Of Yahoo! Bing Ads Network

  • Generate Incremental Revenue With Less Effort
  • Focus Only On Publishers With Premium Content
  • Top Brand Advertisers
  • 100% Fill Rate
  • Highly Relevant Ads That Enhance user Experience And Reduce Ad Clutter
  • Real support, Personalized Attention And Service


Account Approval

Yahoo Bing Network is Also Giving  Medium Blogs And Bloggers Also. It Will Not look Your Blog Very Deep As Adsense. But You Should Have Atleast Average page views About 300 Daily. As They Are Receiving More And More Invitations They Will Process Invitations Slowly So, You Should have  Wait for 2 Weeks After Sending Invitation. And Then You Will Receive a Confirmation Email So Check Your Email Daily AfterApplying.

What Should You Do

  • Place Their Ads On your Blog
  • Increase Your Revenue By Monetizing Content on Your Blog
  • Satisfy Your Users By Providing Relevant Ads According  Your Content


How Much You Will Get Payed

As Started, Yahoo Bing Ads Network is Paying $0.002 for Per Click, That is $1 For 500 Impressions And increase According To Your Pageviews And Impressions. This is Not bad Than Other Networks.

When Will I Get Paid

New Alternative To Adsense :

You Will Be Get Paid When Your Revenue Reaches $50 ( Minimum ). There Are Four Ways  Collect Your Revenue, Including Paypal Option That Will Let You Get Paid More Easily.

So What Are You Waiting For Turn Your visitors in To Your Money with Yahoo And Bing Ads Network.

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