How to get MTS Mblaze Free Internet Unlimited For a day

One of The MTS customers Opinion About MTS :

MTS was one of the first unlimited (Free Internet Unlimited For a day) Internet offers at reasonable rates provided here in our country. A price of Rs. 999 for 15GB at 3.1 Mbps was too orgasmic for me and I went for it immediately. I have been using MTS ever since, and I must say, I am more than satisfied with it.

MTS high speed MBlaze Internet performance is largely based on the availability of network and coverage in your area. There are places that provide MTS mobile Internet modems but you will not get Internet coverage in your area. This is a tough situation and you will see people everywhere cussing MTS MBlaze Internet service. This is seen especially at some places in South India and MTS has to improve their networks at these locations.

MTS MBlaze is available at Rs. 1499 which is a decent price to pay for the modem. Additionally, there is an offer at some places that gives you an initial free usage plan.

How to check if MTS MBlaze is available in your area?If you want to go for MTS Internet make sure there is 3G coverage in your area. The best way to do this, is to check if there is BSNL 3G in your area. This is not a sure indication, though if there is no BSNL 3G in your area, you can be sure that you will not have MTS MBlaze high speed connectivity. This is a result of the tower sharing agreement BSNL has entered with many other major telecom players.Check out MBlaze for MTS postpaid plans at this URL.

MTS MBlaze Prepaid Internet Plans

MTS MBlaze has a good prepaid plan that I use for six months now. The plan s priced at Rs. 999 and is unlimited with 12 GB of usage at 3.1 Mbps. This plan is pretty decent and the best thing about MTS is that its service has a very low latency that makes it the best 3G Internet service for real-time operations in online games and video streaming.


Get MTS Prepaid tariff details here.MTS MBlaze Postpaid Internet Plans

If that prepaid Internet plan list was not small enough, here is a postpaid Internet plan list from MTS. The postpaid unlimited plan is even better than the prepaid Internet plan at Rs. 899.

Why this is better than Tata Photon PlusMTS MBlaze plans are far better than Tata Photon Plus because of the Unlimited plan it offers at very competitive rates. Additionally, the unlimited plan get even cheaper for postpaid plans.

This is a hack exploiting MTS MBlaze data card services for free Internet beyond the recharge validity period. It does not include a datacard firmware change and there is a very good chance it might not work for you. Seemingly, it depends on the network setup at different locations and so, it may work for some, but not for all.

There are two methods in this hack and both of these appear as I have heard of them from people. If they do not work, do not ask me in comments because I have never tried them myself. This is an exploit MTS might need fixing in some of its networks.

Hack MTS MBlaze Data Card Services for Unlimited Internet:

Method 1
keep track of when your validity is going to end and start a torrent download at those last few hours. You might just be able to use your MTS Internet for another day if you are lucky. If you are on a prepaid plan, be assured that you will not have to pay anything for this extra usage. Enjoy thins cool hack.

MTS MBlaze Hack for Unlimited Internet: Method 2

Even after your validity is over, try reconnecting a dozen times. You will be connected at times and you might barely be able to push some HTTP requests (get to open the Google homepage maybe). This is your chance. Start a torrent download, see it catch up some speed and then it dies after a few hours.

This moment of joy can end anytime, so the legit way is to pay for unlimited MTS usage and not go rogue.

Another Trick Which is Viral on Internet
Here are uploaded config files.Enjoy free internet.

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Product Info

Live Videos, Chat, Email, Social Network, Games, Music, Files Sharing and more for just Rs. 899/-. Check out the plan details below and recharge now !
Free Usage at
speeds up to 3.1 Mbps
Usage Beyond Bundled Usage at speeds up to 144 Kbps
1 month as per Bill Cycle

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