Most Common And Possible Blogging Mistakes


Hello Guys Welcome Back To All New Article of Csdoon. This is My First Article on Csdoon And in This Article I’m Going to Explain Some Most Possible Blogging Mistakes That Every newbie Blogger is Prone to Make. Who Doesn’t Do Mistakes Infact Each and Every Person in This World Does Mistakes And Doing Mistakes is Also Very Important is One’s Life, Some are Small But Some Are Big.

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein


We’ll Not Discuss Much on This Topic, So Heading Towards Our Main Topic In This Article We’ll Discuss About Some Killer Blogging Mistakes That Each Newbie Blogger is Supposed to Make. So Start With The List –

1. No Patience

Having Patience is Very Necessary Part of a Blogger Because Blogging is Not a Two Days Job That You Will Do And Start Earning or Get Famous in Blogosphere For That You Need Strong Patience, If a Blogger Doesn’t Have Patience Nothing Can Give Him/Her Success in His Blogging Career.

2. Usless Content

Have Content on Your Blog That Your Readers Want To Read. There is No Meaning of Writing Content That No One Reads. Having Useless Content Only to Fill up Your Blog is Just a Waste of Time. So Try to Interact With Your Blog Readers And Know That What They Love To Read From Your Blog.

3. No Double Reading & Writing Mistakes

The Worst of All Blogging Mistakes That Simply Takes Blog Visitors Out From Your Blog. Always Make Sure To Double Check Your Article Before Posting On Blog for Grammatical Mistakes i.e Spelling Mistakes etc. Safety is Better Than Precaution So, Always Double Check Spelling And Grammatical Mistake Before Publishing Any Article.

4. Blog Design

Choosing an Ill Blog Design Can Kill Your Blog Traffic And Can Affect your Blog to a Very Limit. So Try To Choose a Simple, Professional Looking Blog Design i.e Blog Template or Theme.

5. Post Structure

There Should Be Proper Article Structure i.e Each Age Group Reader Can Read it Easily. There Should be Proper Use of Blockquote, Heading Tag like H1, H2 etc. Also There Should be Proper Use of Images & Alt Tags. As There is No Word Limit But Article Over 500-600 Words Are Good For SEO.

Article Structure

6. Frequency

There Should Be Proper Frequency Of posting Article on Blog. If You Have Enough Time or Want Your Blog to Grow up Faster Posting 2-3 Article Per Day is Good.

I Know This Article is Not Enough For Explaining About The Blogging Mistakes Because There Are Many Different Types of Bloggers And Each Blogger Has a Different Type of Blogging Skill. But Hope This Article Helps You Improve Your Skill if Yes Please Do a Share. If  You Have Any Suggestions or Query Regarding The Article Please Comment Below 🙂 .

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