Make Cash,Earn money With 20dollars2surf Get paid for Surfing : Best money Site According to Alexa

make cash20$to surf : According to alexa 20dollars2surf is the Best Money making Site.Threshold Amount for Withdrawal on this site is 20$ which can be redeemed through Paypal,Alertpay or a cheque. This site very simple to use You get points For surfing the Internet and End of a month those points converted into Money and you can Pay Out to your Account.With more Contest and Offer this site makes it easy to make users as many points they can make.– What is 20Dollars2Surf ?

20Dollars2Surf is a cash bar that lets you earn money by displaying advertising on your computer screen while you surf the internet.

– Where does the money redistributed to members come from ?

The ads you see on 20Dollars2Surf come from online affiliate networks and campaigns from members.They give you 75% of the earnings.

– How to make money with 20Dollars2Surf ?

To make cash several means are available to you :
– The Cashbar. Earn points for every ad displayed on your screen while you surf the Internet.
– The Clicks Bonus. Earn points by visiting the sites of our partners.
– The Mail Bonus . Receive mail, visit our partner and earn points,
– The Surfer Bonus. Earn points and 20$Pass when you see the “Surfer Bonus” banner in the cashbar!
– The WheelSurf, wheel of fortune, spin the wheel and see if you won, 2 free credits every day.
– The Bingo Surf  25 numbers are available, one by one, they are present in your grid, click with your mouse and see if you won!
– The referral system allows you to earn 10% of your referrals on 10 levels.

– What’s a 20$pass ? 
The 20$Pass are the 20Dollars2Surf site code.

Use 1 20$Pass allows you to choose from:
– receive 5 credits for the Bingo Surf
– receive 10 credits for the WheelSurf
– become Super Referral
– become a Sponsor VIP
– advertise on 20Dollars2Surf
You can also sell your 20$Pass, you will receive a 10 characters code, sell on auction sites code or give it to a friend.

– I have severals PC at home !

In 20Dollars2Surf, They do not limit to one or two accounts per IP. You can install as many different account that you have PC at home.


– How to join 20Dollars2Surf ?

To join us, you must enter your email address on the home page. Then, you must install 20Dollars2Surf to finish your registration.

– Delete my account ?

You must contact us. Don’t forget to send us your account mail. Your account will be deleted and your earnings redistributed to others members.

– Is it free ?

Yes, the registration and use of 20Dollars2Surf is totally free.


– How to install 20Dollars2Surf ?

You have to download the setup and run it. Then, installation is automatic and 20Dollars2Surf start immediately.

– How to remove 20Dollars2Surf ?

Go to “Add/Remove Programs” and remove 20Dollars2Surf. Or click “Uninstall 20Dollars2Surf” in your “Start” menu.

– I don’t earn points anymore from my cashbar ?

We have limit the number of points from the cashbar to 10000 points per month to limit the member who let their PC up all the time. 10000 points represent the double time of an internet user.

Be careful, the cashbar don’t count points if you have a virtual machine install on your PC


– How much sponsorship reports?

The referral system give you 10% of the surf and bonus points of your referrals on 10 levels Payment.

– When the points are transform in money ?

The points are transform in money the first day of the next month.

– You do not ask me my contact, how will i get paid?

Once the payment limit of $20 is reached, you can request your payment.
And that’s when you request the payment we will request your contact information.

– How i will get pay ?

You can receive your payment with Paypal, Hipay and AlertPay (every where) and by check or bank transfer in France.

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