Looking for the top 10 costume trends for this Halloween?

It looks like Charlie Sheen is actually winning for once, as the most popular Halloween costume idea for 2011, according to trends from Yahoo’s search data.

“Hey !! I saw a costum Of you for halloween I could be Charlie Sheen for Halloween!” !@GloriaOrdonez tweeted.


the whole family can be dressed in this costume !!! go for it  !









for those who love the masculine and yet evilish look..go for the bane head gear ! you ought to have a physique though ! lol

Top 10 Searched Adult Costumes on Yahoo! :

*Star Wars: Don white and carry a light saber, which you can make out of the leftover roll from wrapping paper colored blue or green.
*Vampire: Paint your face white, wear all black and drizzle blood down your lips.
*Pan Am: Wear a blue suit and hat.
*Superheroes: All you need is a cape to get the point across.
*Catwoman: Instead of purchasing an expensive leather suit, wear all black and make yourself a tail out of yarn and ears out of cardboard.
*Eighties: Big hair and acid wash jeans.
*Indian: Make a headdress out of feathers and wear a loincloth made out of burlap.
*Wizard of Oz: Wrap yourself in tin foil. Voila! Tin Man.
*Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox: For Casey Anthony, as long as you have a beer bottle in your hands, you’re all set.
*Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson: Charles Manson is easy if you have crazy hair and an alarming look on your face.


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