It looks like Charlie Sheen is actually winning for once, as the most popular Halloween costume idea for 2011, according to trends from Yahoo’s search data.

“Hey !! I saw a costum Of you for halloween I could be Charlie Sheen for Halloween!” !@GloriaOrdonez tweeted.


the whole family can be dressed in this costume !!! go for it  !









for those who love the masculine and yet evilish look..go for the bane head gear ! you ought to have a physique though ! lol

Top 10 Searched Adult Costumes on Yahoo! :

*Star Wars: Don white and carry a light saber, which you can make out of the leftover roll from wrapping paper colored blue or green.
*Vampire: Paint your face white, wear all black and drizzle blood down your lips.
*Pan Am: Wear a blue suit and hat.
*Superheroes: All you need is a cape to get the point across.
*Catwoman: Instead of purchasing an expensive leather suit, wear all black and make yourself a tail out of yarn and ears out of cardboard.
*Eighties: Big hair and acid wash jeans.
*Indian: Make a headdress out of feathers and wear a loincloth made out of burlap.
*Wizard of Oz: Wrap yourself in tin foil. Voila! Tin Man.
*Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox: For Casey Anthony, as long as you have a beer bottle in your hands, you’re all set.
*Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson: Charles Manson is easy if you have crazy hair and an alarming look on your face.


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