List of Popular Blog Topics which will make more Influence and money

Blogging Has become a Fashion in 2012.Now everyone is Blogging with their own kind of niche personal blogs,Humor,meme Blogs,Social media Blogs,Technology Blogs,Blogging Tips (Most Rising) Blogs and many more other Topics were Hot in 2012 and will also create new opportunities in 2013.

Popular Blog Topic

So if you want to start a new blog then This Post might Help you Choosing a Perfect Topic on which you can make your blog.

If we Look Back in 2012 the most appreciated Blogs were about Blogging Tips(Includes Affiliate marketing,SEO,Adsense,Blogging Tools,Blogging Templates,and many other Blogging related Stuff),Technology(A wide Scope niche),Health Blogs,Tips and Tricks Blogs,How to do Guide Blogs and most popular blogs were about Social media.

Android Tutorials and Tips Blogs,political blogs were the new Finds of 2012 which will gradually increase in number with 2013.I listing few Topic without making any numbering so feel free to make a Blog on these Topics.These Topics will be easy to make Impact on Google and have a Global audience.

Popular Blog Topic:

Gadget Blog: you can make a Blog about Gadget reviews where you can post your views about any gadget (Including SmartPhones,Tablet,Laptops, Smart Tv, and Other Gadgets).You can Also make a Gadget blog Where you can Post about new releases and upcoming gadgets in market as people around the Globe are Interested in knowing about these things.You can also come up with your any Idea to make a Gadget Blog.

 Technology Blogs:Most of the People co-relate the Technology and Gadgets but I’ll say that you can make a separate techno blog for attraction more people to your Blog as in this niche you can post about gadgets as well as a new technology coming to the market it can Include all the O.S updates,a New science innovation and many more other things related to technology.

Blogging Tips & Tools Blog: You can find these kind of blog very Interesting and assuring you about the Online money making.You can Also choose any Blogging Topic or the Whole Blogging niche to make a Blog (Including affiliate marketing,How to tutorials,Blogging widgets,Adsense,Money making Tips).

How to make money Online: These types of Blogs are most popular and easy to make but you have to work hard in terms of SEO as there are thousands of blogs and sites about this Topic.With this niche you can try so many sites and can Give your views about GPT sites, PTC sites and Survey can also Explain any Online Business Plan to your Audience.

Android is the present and a bright Future: If you are an Android Developer then you can make a tutorials blog as well as a Video blog.If you are new to Android and only have a smartphone then you can post the Android App reviews as Android Apps are the most searched apps on Google.

These are the Best Topics I suppose will be making more Influence and Money in the 2013,and you can also make blog on these Topics mentioned below these Topics have the HIGH CPC if you have a Adsense Account then these Popular Blog Topic can make you money up to 200$ with a Single Click.

  • Law
  • Attorney
  • Donation
  • Insurance
  • Degree
  • Claim
  • Hosting
  • Trading
  • Class
  • Recovery
  • Rehab
  • Software
  • credit
  • Conference
  • Treatment
  • Transfer (In terms of money)
  • Debt
  • Finance
  • Mortgage
  • Loan

These are Only for money making As these Kinds of Topics are hardly searched on Internet and has a narrow scope of audience.So for wider audience and Topics on Which you can Post almost everyday are Listed Below.

  • Fashion
  • Job & Employment
  • Photography
  • Personal Blogs
  • Health Blogs
  • Movies and Entertainment
  • Celeb news
  • Tutorial Blogs
  • Freebie Blogs
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Telecom Services
So this is It from my side.You can also choose any Topic on which you want to write as Where there’s a will there’s a way.If you Liked the Post then Share it with your Friends and Post your Queries in Comments.

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