List of High Paying CPC Keywords for Google Adsense Earning from your Blog : 2013

High Paying CPC Keywords

Recently I have Posted an article for those who wants to Start blogging in year 2013.With Popular Blog Topics for 2013 there are so many opportunities in Blogging world,and Google Adsense is One of the Highest Paying program for Bloggers and Website owners.

In 2012 Google Shocked all the Internet marketers  when the High Paying CPC Keywords were revealed.Few of them are hardly searched on Google and have very Low competition So anyOne can Optimize his site for these keywords.

CPC : Also known as Cost per Click which is the Amount of money you get when someone click on your Adsense Ad unit.Google Have different amount of Bucks for different keywords for every click depending upon your location on the Globe.You can Understand this by a Simple Example

“Car Insurance” Related Keywords have much More CPC than “Desktop Wallpapers” related Keywords.

Here is the 5 best paying keywords (match type – broad) related to “Car Insurance”

High Paying CPC Keywords

  • car insurance – $36.67
  • car insurance companies – $45.52
  • online car insurance – $50.81
  • car insurance rates – $43.48
  • best car insurance – $49.36
  • car insurance Massachusetts – $30.8

So Average CPC For Car Insurance(Keyword) Related Blogs and Website = $42.27

5 best paying keywords (match type – broad) for “Desktop Wallpaper”

  • desktop wallpaper – $0.25
  • 3D desktop wallpaper – $0.34
  • Christmas desktop wallpaper – $0.31
  • spring desktop wallpaper – $0.19
  • autumn desktop wallpaper – $0.14
  • animated desktop wallpaper – $0.46

So the Average CPC for a Desktop wallpaper related Blog and Website = $0.28

So you can Understand the Power of keyword in a Adsense Ad Units there is a Huge difference of  Almost 42$ in these Two Examples.So you can earn better if you do little SEO of your Blog.For that you have to Post Quality Content and Have a Wide readership in Social media.

These the Single word Keywords Which had highest CPC in 2012 and Expected to have a mind blowing Year in 2013.So Start early or Start now and make a Blog/article about these Topics and get benefited with the Perks of Adsense CPC.

High Paying CPC Keywords:

  • Law
  • Attorney
  • Donation
  • Insurance
  • Degree
  • Claim
  • Hosting
  • Trading
  • Class
  • Recovery
  • Rehab
  • Software
  • credit
  • Conference
  • Treatment
  • Transfer (In terms of money)
  • Debt
  • Finance
  • Mortgage
  • Loan
You will be Shocked after Knowing that each of these got 100-200$ CPC in 2012.

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