If you are a new webmaster who is in look out for a web host, you will find an array of web hosts offering a wide selection of web hosting packages to choose from. Some are offering you Linux operating system and others windows making people confused about the type of solutions they should choose. Before getting into details of the type of web hosting packages, let’s first have a little understanding about the term ‘Web Hosting.’

Web hosting is where your page gets displayed on a world wide web, in the absence of a web host; you can’t display your web pages.

Tips for choosing a suitable Web hosting Platform

The right path for deciding on whether to go with a window web hosting package or a Linux has nothing to do with your current system. The decision should rather be based on what your website actually needs. Ask yourself following questions and you will get a clear picture in mind.

Do you need ASP or .NET or Microsoft access server?

If your website relies on window-specific technology like ASP, .NET or Microsoft SQL server then it’s more appropriate to get a windows web hosting package.

Do you need PHP, Perl, WordPress, Blogging Software, etc.?

For people who just want to set up a blog or set up an ecommerce or just want to set up a direct informational website, you might find it easier to go for a Linux or FreeBSD. It is highly instrumental in smooth running of aforesaid programs.

The bottom line is, if you need to use or already using a window specific technology like ASP, .NET, MSSQL on your website, it’s advised to get a window web hosting package. However, in all other cases Linux would make a better choice for you.

Popular operating system for web hosting

Linux and windows are two different types of most popular operating systems for web hosting, wherein Linux is more secure and more efficient than windows. The former one also consists of multiple features web designers expect; hence Linux is the preferred choice between both. The other difference is that Linux are case sensitive and windows files are not. The choice of hosting also depends on the kind of development language or database that has to be used with the website. In this process, however the home operating system will not be affected with whatever hosting account you choose. Mostly the decision to choose one hosting service over another depends on the type of scripting language you need.

Linux Hosting

Linux is the king of web hosting world, it is the most popular operating system on the web, because it is cheap and easy to install. Various benefits of Linux hosting over Windows include:

  • Less cost as compared to windows
  • Support Diverse scripting language

Window Hosting

There is a myth among people that they need to use Window Hosting because their desktop computer is windows. However, in reality windows is way different from windows desktop wherein your interaction will be through FTP or a web interface only.

Several other operating systems include:
  • Macintosh
  • UNIX

How to access the server

Both windows and Linux offer FTP (a way of transferring files from hard drive to web server) access to your files, but it is only Linux that offers telnet or ssh access that enables the user to open a window directly on the web server and manipulate files right there.

Hence, we can deduce from above given explanation that a Linux based web hosting is a better choice as compared to Windows hosting.

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