Karsh Kale feat Apeksha, Benny & Mandeep, Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2 : Stress Buster

This is a song about separation and missing one’s lover. It talks about the pain of staying apart and the anxiety it brings. Peekaboo stands for the lovers finding each other by chance & their attempt then to try and ascertain the depth of love felt by the other.

Worked up from a guitar groove by Warren Mendonsa, ‘Peekaboo’ features Apeksha Dandekar with guest vocals of Mandeep Sethi and Benny Dayal.

Composed by: Karsh Kale Collectiv
Produced by: Karsh Kale
Language: Hindi, English
Lyrics: Karsh Kale, Tapan Raj, Mandeep Sethi and Tradtional Lyrics
Vocals: Apeksha Dandekar, Benny Dayal & Mandeep Sethi
Sitar: Ravi Chary
Drums: Jai Row Kavi
Guitar: Warren Mendonsa
Guitar: Gaurav Gupta
Bass: Johan Pais
Keys: Karsh Kale
Keys: Nigel Rajaratnam
Flute: Ajay Prassanna
Electronics: Jayant Luthra

Recorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda (Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai), assisted by Thorsten Muller
Mixed by Steve Fitzmaurice at the Pierce Rooms, London and Warren Mendonsa
Mastered by Bunt Stafford Clark at the Pierce Rooms, London

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