iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Nokia Lumia 920 : Mega Comparison of Smartphones

After the Cold Ad war Between Samsung galaxy S3 and  Apple’s iPhone 5 and the Recent Appearance of the Heavy Weight Champion Nokia’s Lumia 920 against the iPhone 5.We brought up Some real Stats for you.Analyse the Below Given Images and Check yourself Which is Better and Suits your Choices.

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So we have made few basic feature Comparisons Between these Smartphones.The Comparison is Made Upon the Few specific and Basic features Which are Operating System,Processor,Dimensions,Weight,Display,Resilution,Connectivity,SIM card Support,Camera,Video Recording,Battery Life and Most Important Format and Price.

For Us the Winner is Nokia Lumia 920 as its Price is not Confirmed yet but on the Smartest Phone Standard Lumia is Much better then iPhone 5.

What do you Think ?

In this Case iPhone is Much Better than Samsung Nexus but the Price is Just Double of the Nexus so this Comparison is Between Pocket and the Spec Where Samsung Nexus is Better choice Who want all the Basic Features and an android phone in just Half price of the iPhone 5 and for Apple’s fan and Feature freaks iPhone 5 is Better Choice here.

This is Clearly Visible that iPhone 5 stands nowhere in terms of Features and Price against the Galaxy S3,Unless Apple’s Fan boy add some crap specs into iPhone 5.Go for Samsung Galaxy S3 if you love your Money and care about the Specification of a Smart Phone.
On the Contrary if we Compare the Specification of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 both of the Smartphones are so Close in Specs but Price can make a Difference and One more thing about the tri-comparison of iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 vs  Lumia 920 is their Operating System,So if some one Like One of the OS then He will go for the specific Phone because they are one of a kind of there OS.
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