Internet Settings for TATA DOCOMO:

I was Trying to Connect my Android Phone to the Internet with my TATA  DOCOMO sim and There was no Predefined Internet Setting on the Phone.For using the Internet I have to make them Manually though DOCOMO sent me the Settings through the Message but it wasn’t enough you have to setup the Connection manually.

To simply receive your settings via a message and then install them simply go to your Message box and Type INTERNET and send it to 52270 which is a toll free number. You will receive your GPRS settings shortly and simply install and save it.

All Phone uses the Apn name : TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
For More Info and Step by Step Instructions Follow the Steps Given Below For a Particular Phone Type.How to Do TATA DOCOMO Gprs settings Manually ?

Tata Docomo GPRS Settings for Samsung Mobile

*Go to Menu – Browser – Settings and click on Profiles .
*Add New Profile with name TATA DOCOMO. Choose your desired Home page or use
*Make Data Bearer as GPRS Only and choose OFF in enable proxy.
*After that move to Advanced Settings and put TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET as the apn.
Press OK.

Tata Docomo Gprs Settings for Android smart-phones

*Go to Settings and then Wireless&Networks.
*Go to Mobile Networks
*Click on GSM/UMTS options.
*Click on Access Point Names.
*Click on Menu and New APN.
*Write TATA DOCOMO in Place of Name .
*Leave rest fields empty and click on save.
*You will see all 3 options namely TATA DOCOMO INTERNET , TATA GPRS and TATA MMS which comes preloaded with your SIM .
*Simple Select TATA DOCOMO INTERNET and save it.
Select this profile and you will be able to use web.

Tata Docomo GPRS Settings for Nokia Mobile

*Go to Menu-Settings-Configuration and jump to Personal Configuration .
*Move to Options-Add New-Web
*Enter TATA DOCOMO in Account name, Choose your desired Home page or use
*Leave User Name and Password Blank and choose NO in using Preferred Access Point.
*After that Select Access- Access point setting- Bearer Settings- Packet Data access point and put the apn asTATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET . You are almost done, Press OK and skip all other options .
*Return to Personal Configuation where you will see TATA DOCOMO INTERNET, Press Option and then Activate.

Tata Docomo GPRS Settings for iPhone
*Go to Menu and then settings.
*Select General and move to Network settings.
*Enable 3G Network.
*Choose the cellular data network to enter the APN .
*Leave username and password blank.
Save it.

Tata Docomo GPRS Settings for Blackberry
*Go to main menu and Select options.
*Choose advanced options and move to enable apn settings.
Make sure you enable apn authentication
*Save it.

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