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Galaxy Halo Go Locker Theme Free From Exitic World Android Apps!

** No pushes or notifications!!
** Just Click the “Go To Theme” Button.
**You can change the applications you want to launch. Check out the snapshot, just go to “Theme Settings: in the Go Locker App and choose desired apps.
**Battery level percentage when charging.
**Animation when charging

Install it Free From Google Play Store

After bringing the Galaxy S3 Dandelion Go Locker, Galaxy Note 2 Go Locker, Iphone 5 Go Locker , we present you the first Galaxy Halo Go Locker. Enjoy!

Great Animations, sleek design, awesome color scheme and lovely galaxy wallpaper almost similar to samsung galaxy hd wallpaper. You are surely gonna love this.

1. Make sure GO Launcher EX V2.58 or above and GO Locker v1.10 has been installed;
2. Click “MENU—->Preferences—->Theme Settings—->GO Locker—->Galaxy Halo to choose the theme.

Developer Note:

Please let me know if you meet any bugs or want any improvement!
We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running we are using a search service to generate some revenue from this free app. This app will add a couple search links on your device in the form of an icon, bookmark link and browser homepage. You may delete them easily (drag to the trash or delete the link for the browser), if you choose to use them, thanks!
App Screen Shot:



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