How to Install Android Apps From Your Computer without Connecting Phone to it.

This is an overview of the new Android Market website that allows you to install apps over the air, directly to your Android device. No data cables needed.Just install android apps from your computer with a Click.

Just Login With your Email Account which is Associated with your Android Device and Used in Google Play for Downloading Apps.
After that Click on any App and It will tell you the Compatibility of app and By clicking on install it will Automatically Download the to your Phone (Phone should be connect to Internet or a Working WiFi Connection)
OR you Can also install android apps from your computer.
FOLLOW THOSE STEPS.1. Connect Your Phone with USB to your PC and Turn on the Storage Mode.2.Search for some apps on you want to Install.

3. Copy that to your Phone
4.Now Install it By accessing it from Phone without any Internet Connection

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