Indiblogger : Indian Blog Directory and Blogger Network - Indian Blogging CommunityIndiblogger : Indian Blog Directory and Blogger Network.
If You are a Blogger from india and have not obtained the expected audience then Join Indiblogger. Check out other bloggers from India and add them to your Network.
Indiblogger not only give connection between two or more bloggers but also give a platform where several blogger can compete and learn gradually with that healthy competition.
indiblogger services are :

Indivine shows the latest posts by different bloggers and their promotion if your post got most promotion by other bloggers it means you are appreciated and you will be in Top of indivine.
To send your post on Indivine you should have registered with
You can see my posts on Indvine here.

IndiRank - Top Indian Blogs

This Feature of Indiblogger is my Favorite because it ranks you among all the Indian bloggers registered with Indibloggers they have a measurement of 100. your blog will get max 100 marks if it is perfect.
The main thing about this feature is you can know more about your competitive bloggers. and it also give you tips to increase your Indirank.
Almost all famous hindi,poetry,Prose, Literature,Technical blogs are registered with indiblogger.
and by Indirank you also can Find the local bloggers. like i found 63 blogs From dehradun.

Also known as Indian Blog Directory Here you can see the ranking of all blogs in a list.
Currently Digital inspiration has topped the List. Author of this blog is Amit Aggrawal,a well-known technology columnist.
In this Directory every blogger can decide his/her place in India.
Like If you want to see my blogging rank in India then go here.And you can see my blog Khush!Dost!Am!t.

Like in  Every other Forum,You can post your Topics and Queries and get the precious comments and reviews from different blogging minds.

In this section all Upcoming meets of bloggers are announced. And all past meets are mentioned here. So a great opportunity to meet the bloggers from different cities and states of India.


This is the Most eye-catching section because of its Campaigns, contests and brand engagements on
Blogger of months and winner of these Drives get rewarded with high quality prizes.
so If you think you can write then register with Indiblogger and get an opportunity to be rewarded.
Recently Surf excel,Dove,Tata grand,Samsung galaxy well-known brands appeared for the Drives in Indiblogger.

All the Information in Indichat,Indiforum,Inditweet is available here.

In this Tab Indibloggers can opt any badge suitable to their profile like I have chosen the INDIPOET badge for one of blogs.
IndiBlogger badges display correctly on any background color and are supported by all major browsers.
Select a badge to get the code, and then insert the code into your blog’s template.
See this and Join me on Indiblogger.

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IndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger CommunityIndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger CommunityIndiBlogger - The Largest Indian Blogger Community

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