Tips to improve your social networking skills : Do’s and Don’ts

In the era of where communication and interaction among people is mostly done through Social Networking Sites, we often come around situations when people think of social media like Facebook, Google+, or Twitter.

They often turn to thoughts of the cliche update about what someone had for lunch??? how was her/his date??? Such updates waste the time of everyone who accidentally stumbles upon them(except for those who got all the time in the world to answer such updates).When participating in social media, engaging participants take on responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the conversation.

Now a days even on sneezing people are updating it on their facebook/twitter/google+ etc…. but we all know what kind of “Image” of the person updating such things gets delivered to others,not to mention about the response these updates gets :P

Social networking sites were meant not only to bring people close but also to increase the reach of people looking for good and sensible counterparts across the globe, with whom they can interact and share the knowledge by suppressing the limitations of boundaries. Looking at current trend in social networking it seems we are completely lost in just poking and tagging and sharing and tweeting.

Your profile on any social networking site is your first impression, so try to make a good impression by improving the quality of your updates. Specially when companies are looking into your social networking activity before taking the decision of hiring you. After all no employer would  love to see his employee posting “In meeting with boss” while attending meeting.So guys here are some tips for you.The next time you update your status or Tweet, keep these tips  advice in mind and enjoy Social networking 🙂

Some Don’ts : 

1) Forget to tell readers what you want them to do as a result of reading what you wrote.
2) Be boring. If you can’t imagine someone really finding what you have to say interesting and valuable, keep it to yourself.
3) Share a link with no additional information.
4) Forget to tag others who could add value to the conversation.And also stop tagging everyone on each post.
5) Contribute to a hashtag, group, page or conversation unless you know their purpose and goals.
6) Share your wares without explicitly explaining why this would be of value to others.
7) Forget to include a link to what you are writing about if one exists.
8) Write something that is not worthy of a response.
9) Forget to show your appreciation for others by commenting on and sharing what they are saying.
10) And Above of all “Stop being afraid to be wrong. You’ll learn a lot if you are”, after all your friends are your best critics.

Appreciable Do’s :

1) Be yourself. Know your brand. No need to copy others.(it doesn’t mean you cant copy updates 😉
2) Know your purpose. What do you want people to know, do, respond to? Include that in your update.
3) Ask a provocative question or make a statement that you know might be challenged in meaningful ways.
4) Embrace the ideas that social media makes us more real and transparent. As a result the lines between personal life and professional life are blurring. This makes us who we are. Own it. Share it.
5) Be the most of something people can come to expect. For example perhaps you are the most likeable, helpful, in the know, controversial.
6) Admit your weaknesses and insecurities and write an update that others might relate to. You’ll both feel better.
7) Make sure everything you write is interesting, funny, witty, or challenges the status qua.
Know your audience. Develop relationships, just as you would in real life.

Following these Do’s and Don’ts will help make you someone worth listening to. It will also help to make social media more interesting and valuable place for us all. Hope these will be helpful.

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Akhilesh loves to Share thing he knows about Social media and Science.He is a Computer Science Engineer and a Emerging Philosopher.He is one of the Co-Author of Csdoon
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