HTC First with Facebook Home : An Overview

HTC First is the first phone that comes with Facebook Home pre-installed. Facebook is still trying to engage its users to use the social network more and more and now the company has launched Facebook Home UI. HTC is also trying to attract users with Facebook Home who mainly care about smooth experience of the social network on their phones. Facebook Home deeply integrates with the Android to flood your screen with notifications and social feeds.

HTC First comes with a 4.3inch HD display and it is quite light and easily fits in customer’s hand. Since the HTC First was mainly built to impress the Facebook users, it is not having an impressive design. It is entirely wrapped up in a soft plastic shell which gives a good grip for sure. So, it looks like HTC didn’t take the design part seriously while making the Phone because of Facebook Home. Its display is also having average pixel density of 341ppi which doesn’t stand near the 1080p resolution devices.

HTC first is running Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean version and comes with Facebook Home UI. Facebook Home entirely takes control of the phone screen. There are chat heads that pop-up on the screen whenever someone sends you a message. You can customize the position of the chat heads on the screen. Cover feed is another option in HTC First’s Facebook Home UI. It pops up the recent cover stories on your mobile screen whenever you wake it up from sleep. So, overall HTC First is completely dipped in Facebook which might impress the constant users of the social network.

The phone is powered by a 1.4 GHz dual core processor supported by 1GB of RAM memory. It might not impress the power users but it is enough to provide good Facebook Home experience. It is powered by a 2000mAh Lithium battery which provides a good up time, but Facebook Home eats a lot of battery because of constant network use. Performance of HTC First is pretty good but sometimes there are black spaces on the screen while using the Facebook Home, which might be a bug in the Facebook Home’s UI.

HTC First’s rear camera with only 5MP is quite disappointing because the phone is mainly focusing on Facebook users. There should have been a better quality camera for the Facebook users who love to take picture of their every move to put on the social network. Level of details in photos taken using HTC First are not impressive. However, the colour details are pretty solid in pictures captured in good lighting conditions. Overall, it is not for the customers who are looking to buy a phone with better imaging experience.

HTC First is only good for people who constantly love to check and share stuff on Facebook. Still the Facebook Home is not so perfect at all. It is listed on the Play Store with average rating of 2.2 out of 5 with quite bad reviews. First also comes with Instagram pre-installed on the phone. Well, if you are a heavy social network user then you can think about buying the phone. But, keep in mind that Facebook Home app is also available on the Play Store to try on your existing Android device.

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