How to Submit your Blogger Full Sitemap to Google : Submit All Pages Automatically Daily


When I Started Blogging,I always Wondered why Google Always Index only 26 pages of my Site  in Webmaster tools Sitemap then I read an article on Mybloggertricks that we have to Submit the Sitemap Which Includes all our Blog Pages.

But the main problem with the submitted sitemap is that it will not automatically resubmit itself so you have to Login daily or weekly to update your Blogger Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool.As Google do not accept a Page which Includes all the Link of your Blog you have to submit a XML file everytime you want to add newly wriiten pages to Google.

For Saving your Time from Submitting your Blogger Sitemap Daily you can Generate a Sitemap of your Blog/Website and Add the Code into your Custom Robot .txt file Under setting–>Search Preference

Well Here are the Step By Step Instructions Follow to Submit your Blogger Full SiteMap to Google:

  1. if you don’t Know how to write a Sitemap Code then just go to Sitemap Generator created by the First and famous Blogger from India Mr. Amit Agarwal of
  2. Now Enter your Blog/Website Address and click on Generate button a Sitemap code for your Customrobot.txt file will be Generated Copy the Code.You can Enter your Blogspot Address or Self Hosted Blog Address with .com,.org etc.
  3. Now goto your Blogger Dasboard and Click on Settings and Find a Subtab with Search Preference and Then you can Paste the Copied Code into the Enabled Customrobot.txt save it.
Now you are Done,No need to Submit the Sitemap daily to Google.It will automatically detect your Sitemap from robot.txt.You just take care of the Number of posts you have if you posted more than 500 posts after this submission then again generate a New Site map code and Replace it in Customrobot.txt.

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